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Character Base & Templates

Each new iClone release pushes real-time characters forward into a new level of realism and controllability. IClone5, includes 2 x G5 standard characters, 2 x G3 standard characters, 2 x G3 CloneCloth characters, 1 x cartoon character, 2 x non-standard characters and 3 x non-human characters (the additional cartoon character is available in the Gorf's Wonderland resource pack). All actors feature a higher level of detail and a lower polygon count for faster performances. The G5 human characters come with additional 16 outfits (Developer Collection Bonus) offered by Reallusion's talented developers found in the Reallusion Marketplace. Any registered member is eligible to download these to experience.

Character Types

iClone4 Standard Character

The G3 characters Dylan & Jana come with the new head bone and Persona system that users can use to trigger body motions with facial expressions and voice animations.
iClone4 CloneCloth Character

The CloneCloth characters provide dual layers of clothing mesh; for skin layer and cloth layer. Simply modify the textures with any image editor to create any design and style.
CloneBone Character

CloneBone is a universal iClone bone system which you can use to create custom characters by simply attaching parts to the bones. This way, you can easily build a wide range of character designs such as a robot, or cartoon figures.
Non-human Character

The non-human characters can be controlled with the motion editor. This horse will be included in the default library, while the lamp will only be available to users who purchase iClone.
Cartoon Character

Reallusion brings Jimmy-Toon and Gorf into the the world of iClone. Cartoon characters can be given human motions, which give you unlimited opportunities in your story creations.

Custom 3D Head from Photo

Easily fit facial wire frames to any facial image. Simply identify the corners of the eyes and the mouth with 4 quick references. Later, fine-tune additional fitting points in the Basic and Advanced fitting modes.

  • Directly import images from your web cam for faster face-fitting.

  • Fully featured image editor allows you to rotate, crop images, apply color corrections and face fit; all in the same environment.

  • Facial & Body Deformation

    Use awesome facial deformations to morph the same character into multiple face styles. Use powerful face shaping controls to fine-tune facial features such as eyes, brows, cheeks, chin, lips and nose. Choose from an extensive library of 3D actor themes such as fantasy characters, action heroes, professional office personnel and everyday people. Select the starting body shape and then morph - slim, strong, average, miniature, cartoon-like.

    CloneCloth Custom Actor Clothing for Cut and Design

    CloneCloth introduces powerfully simple custom clothing for iClone CloneCloth actors with the use of images and any image editor to shape and decorate custom designs.

    Dual-layer CloneCloth actors feature outer garments that have the ability to reveal inner skin when the garments are cut to fit.