• Access millions of models in Google 3D Warehouse and bring it directly into iClone world for totally FREE.
    Download FREE models from Google 3D Warehouse

  • Various models for various projects are just a few clicks away.

  • Optimize the downloaded models in 3DXchange (auto smooth, specular adjustment...) and convert them into iClone content library for easy access.
  • Re-arrange the wheels and create ready-to-animation models in iClone 3DXchange.
  • Reset the pivot for rolling object creation like the wheels of the cars, rotary blades of helicopters, and etc.
  • Detach parts of the prop to create wreckage or interchange the parts to create an entirely new model.

  • Create a rolling helper in iClone to freely or repeatly control your wheels.”

  • Drive it in director mode with vehicle dummy.
  • Move your car with rolling wheels by simple keyframe setting (simplified timeline feature is included in Standard edition).

  • Certain AML scripts exist to help animate certain types of vehicles with typical animations of that type of vehicle.
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