• Set up a simple 1st-stage scene with SketchUp (using line, rectangle, push/pull tools).
  • Create a variety of furniture with easy-to-follow SketchUp techniques (e.g. cabinet, rug, pot).
  • Group your models in SketchUp to make movable and seperate furniture in iClone.
  • Match your scene with endless FREE models downloaded from Google 3D Warehouse.
  • Add realism to your scene to simulate the visual quality in the real world with 6-channel material effects.
  • A complete texture library (seamless materials) for house decoration simulation such as glass, metal, wood. Know More about Realistic Texture
  • Impressive texture refinement by adjusting "Diffuse", "Ambient", "Reflection" color in iClone.
  • Tiling and UV setting to match any texture for your scene.

  • Complete impressive lighting & shadow effects for every possible atmosphere in iClone.
  • Apply advanced spotlight effect for reginoal light source or interior feeling simulation.
  • Self casting shadows cast from actors and objects just like in real-life adding more realism to your environment.
  • Good allocation between light source & shelter to create vivid reflected image.
  • Create outstanding scenes for your projects for realistic display or demonstrations.
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