• With SketchUp, you can easily customize any natural terrain such as low-lying lands, hills, pools and etc.

  • After "add your model to terrain" in iClone,,you can make characters or objects to move along the natural shape of your terrains.

  • Using the different materials channels of "ground", you can turn a flat surface to sandlot, beach or jungle.

  • Make any organic object possible in SketchUp (e.g. stone, cave, statue).
  • Get realistic quality of natural props by using magic material balls with 6-channel support. Know More about Realistic Texture
  • Realistic objects will have imperfections and blemishes, with iClone, you can easily add in those textures to get the desired effect.
  • Adjust in real-time the parameters of that particular material channel to preview your idea and style.

  • Add breath-taking, realistic water with wave, reflection, and underwater fog.

  • Landscape with brush size, density and wind speed from a large library of trees, grass, and even waterweeds.

  • Create natural scenes with plant life and natural atmosphere settings.
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