iClone is the first application which can work with the models created from Google™ SketchUp perfectly. By working with SketchUp7 (FREE edition), iClone users can turn the models in Google SketchUp (save as SketchUp6 .skp) to iClone through 3DXchange. Furthermore, any iClone user can download tons of 3D models (.skp) from Google 3D Warehouse for FREE. Whether you are a 3D modeler or not, you can turn any simple shape or model into incredible visual experience in iClone.
From SketchUp to iClone: Converter - 3DXchange | Pipeline | Add Realism | More user cases
With multi-channels for materials, you can take any plain interior design, and add realistic visual quality! Create terrains with various gradients and then with iClone, add water, plant life and stones to create breath-taking scenery! With Google 3D Warehouse and iClone, you can take any vehicle model and add typical distinctive animation.
  Video Demo
  Video Demo
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