London Tower Bridge 007
Running Time: 00:24
Model Source: Google™ 3D Warehouse

With direct access to Google™ 3D Warehouse, you can easily bring the famous London Tower Bridge into iClone and animate it with camera movement, environmental effect and 3D characters.



User Showcase: Silent Hill
Running Time: 00:46
Model Source: Google™ SketchUp

Google™ SketchUp provides the smartest tools for your model creation - even building a small town. Working with iClone, this user easily retouched and aged the buildings from 3D Warehouse by texture editing, and then added a bluesy song to create his own Silent Hill movie.



Export SketchUp Prop into iClone
Running Time: 00:44
Model Source: Google™ SketchUp

Google™ SketchUp is an award-winning program that delivers a completely new way to design in 3D. A deceptively simple, amazingly powerful tool for creating, viewing, and modifying 3D ideas quickly and easily, Google™ SketchUp emphasizes the concept of "3D for everyone".



The Aliens in the Incubator
Running Time: 00:55
Model Source:

This video showcases using ZBrush to design a normal map for iClone. The high quality video can be real-time animated in iClone. 3D models are sculpted in ZBrush2; the normal map is projected from a 1,000,000 poly high polygon model and mapped onto a 2,000 poly low polygon models in iClone to deliver the high detailed surface effects.



3DXchange2.0 – Refining Google™ Models

Using Google™ SketchUp large library of models to choose from, iClone 3DXchange now has the option to access and download any asset you can find in the Google™ collection. In this tutorial we will refine a Lotus Elise model from Google™ SketchUp with 3DXchange for use in iClone Studio.


3DXchange2.0 – Animating Google™ Models

Google™ SketchUp large library of models provide many different options when looking to download a vehicle, in this tutorial we will download an airplane model to convert to a prop in iClone Studio. New HELPER objects will be added to animate the plane with motion clips and paths.


DAZ to 3DXchange to iClone Tutorial

The iClone real-time production environment can be used along with other modeling tools like DAZ Studio to populate props, scenes and accessory libraries. DAZ is a free download and provides the tools to create people, animals, vehicles, buildings, props, and accessories plus much more.


Normal Map - ZBrush for iClone Tutorial

With the advanced texture general tool Zbrush, users can know the benefit to conduct “Normal Map” for iClone. The normal map can be projected from a high polygon model and mapped onto a low polygon model in iClone to deliver the high detailed surface effects.


3DXchange Jeep Tutorial

This tutorial introduces how to export certain nodes of a model to transform a non-animated 4 wheel vehicle into an animated vehicle with spinning wheels.


3DXchange Basic Operation

3DXchange is a powerful converter that makes it easy for users to convert any 3DS or OBJ file. Using content created in applications such as 3DStudio Max, ZBrush, SketchUp, Maya, etc.users can convert and edit their models for import into iClone as props, accessories or even 3D scenes.


Create Terrain for iClone

Creating terrain for iClone with SketchUp is easier than ever. With 3DXchange, you can build tons of terrain for your scenes in iClone.


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Create 3D text for iClone

Creating 3D texts for iClone is very simple by the connection of 3DXchange with SketchUp.


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Casting and Receiving Shadows

This tutorial shows you how to see the shadows of the object exported from 3DXchange in iClone.


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Creating Exchangeable Animated Wheels

3DXchange allows you to deconstruct models and work with individual elements of the models to create more effects and animation than individual model files normally allow. Experiment with these methods on other types of models to create unique props, scenes, and accessories for iClone. In this section, we indicate you the method to create an exchangeable parts with animation clips.


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Transform a Static Model into a Realistic Car

Most real-time models obtained from the web don't define the multi-texturing effects so some models may look flat. Here we show you how to add a realistic look by means of 3DXchange and iClone. Download the free example model for reference ( from (Copyright 1997-2002, Amazing 3D Graphics, Inc) and try the following steps.


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Animate a Static Helicopter

To animate a static helicopter model, you need to separate the propeller from the hull, and rotate the propeller in iClone.

This tutorial shows you how to easily separate parts from the original 3ds file, and create animation in iClone.


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Create a Shiny Object

Use 3DXchange to adjust the specularity of iClone VNS models to create shiny objects.


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Create a Cool Animated Robot

Use 3DXchange to remove the legs of a LiveProp robot and replace them with fire particles.


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Change the Pivot of a Door and Open it

Take the door model to 3DXchange, align its pivot to the hinge, then you can open and close the door with correct rotation.


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Correct character and cloth collision

You might have seen the moving legs penetrate the CloneCloth in iClone when you apply a crisscrossing motion such like catwalk. Although you can set the skin opacity to black to make the legs transparent, you can still see ghost-like legs. It is because the legs are originally set to be with high specularity which cannot be modified in iClone2.

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