Import FBX
Bring 3rd party & Custom Animated Characters into iClone (PRO Only)

Import Animated Models in FBX format

Import .FBX skin-bone rigged characters and motion data from Max, Maya, Blender, DAZ. Animated iClone 3D Characters can be designed by most 3D software. Additional character creation tools are available along with access to the iClone creation pipline within the "Characters Designer Kit."

Collect Animation Clips

Create animation segments using timeline in-and-out marks, and convert them into iMotion data. Created motion clips will also appear in the right-click perform menu for iClone interactive playback.

Custom Motion Design with Forward and Inverse Kinematics

For converted FBX 3D creatures, users can create and edit custom keyframe FK/IK motion, and generate animation.




Check out 3DXchange4 Character Designer's Resource Pack!

All images are real-time rendered using iClone4