Animation Ready
Convert static models into movable objects

Gizmo for Pivot Setting

Select any object in a model and set a custom pivot point that controls the object rotation behavior.  One-click sets the pivot point to the object's center. Precision pivot adjustment & rotation preview in 3DXchange4.

Select & group objects using the Scene Tree Manager

Separate Objects, Edit Model Hierarchy, build parent-child model relation, rename objects, exclude unwanted part, turn on and off a selected tree, or output selected object for further animation control.

Reset Transformation

Once you have a model tweaked with your edits including; model resizing, rotation and location change, Zero Transformation can reset the transform values to let your new model shape become 0,0,0 or the base value.  This makes newly created content much easier to control from a simple base numerical value.


Quick Object Alignment

One click to relocate your model to the scene root, stay on the ground or at the absolute center, with the applied pivot setting.

All images are real-time rendered using iClone4