Material Editing
Enhance model appearance with new materials & textures

Drag & Drop Texture & Material Settings

Using 3DXchange4, you can refine the models' surface look before you export them to iClone. Simply drag-and-drop image file or iClone materials onto your selected node. The undated pixel shader shows the same qaulity result as you can see in iClone4.

Complete material editing features include multiple texture channels, uv offset, uv tiling, opacity level, specularity, glossiness, ambient and diffuse color, etc.

Custom UV

Add texture UV to imported models without prior UV assignment, or do custom uv to selected object with assigned UV types. This allows you to refine the texture layout before exporting to iClone.

Make Unique Material

Models that share a material may now be edited to create a unique material. If a car has four wheels and share a material, 3DXchange4 lets you select an object (wheel) and assign a unique material to it without disturbing other objects' materials.

Normal & Smooth

Edge Smoothness: Auto-smooth and define hard or soft edges by a specified angle threshold.
Normal Correction: 2-sided, flip, unify.

All images are real-time rendered using iClone4