Import & Export
Build up a massive 3D model library with 3DS, OBJ, FBX & SKP files

Import 3D Models

Import and convert 3DS, OBJ, SKP, FBX (PRO only) files into iClone. Converted files retain 3D mesh, node relation, texture, material, skin-bone rigging, and animation data.

Edit native iClone content

Load iClone content for further editing – object separation, build model hierarchy for animation, merge props, add custom material, set pivot, reset transformation value.

Export Options (OBJ)

Exclude unwanted items.
Export complete scene or selected items.
Export iClone Character Mesh and Motion Data - Allows customization of character bodyparts and head in 3DSMax, Maya, Zbrush, etc...
Export Head Morph Data - customize head mesh and normal map details with Zbrush, Mudbox or other 3D application.
Auto content type detection - Prop, Accessory, iAvatar, Motion, Head Morph.

All images are real-time rendered using iClone4