Light any interior or exterior scene with a comprehensive drag-and-drop lighting system featuring intuitive modify controls, shadows and presets. There are custom tools for spotlights, point lights, and directional lighting as well. Finally, combine HDR and bloom effects with IBL, or light the scene with Global Illumination.

Volumetric Lighting

Add visible volume to directional, spot and point lights. Not only can light illuminate, they can also add a sense of atmosphere to the scene with beams of light (God Ray) shining across the environment, and occluded by objects.    Know More >


Lighting Control in 3D Scene

iClone provides 3 types of lighting to enrich your scene and provide you with the ability to create visually stunning environments. Directional lights are general purpose, used mainly for large environmental light sources such as sun light. Point lights and spot lights are used for regional illumination in different capacities. Spotlights have the options for angle, fall-off and decay while also casting shadows, while point lights are often used to tweak ambient lighting in different areas of your scene. Check out the fantastic abilities of Global Illumination in the link below.

directional light in 3D scenedirectional light in 3D scene
point light in 3D scenepoint light in 3D scene
spot light in 3D scenespot light in 3D scene

Individual Shadow Darkness

In iClone, you can achieve highly detailed natural lighting by applying different shadow darkness settings to individual lights. You can further improve your scene depth by applying additional shadows using the Directional or Spot shadow casting tool.


Light Prop

Light props come loaded with customized light settings, and can be easily dragged into a scene to liven it up immediately. The brightness, color, and range of your light prop can also be duplicated and reused in other projects with ease. Attach any light to your scene props and start building your own custom light library as well!

Dynamic IBL & Sky Environments

Image-based Lighting (IBL) is a 3D rendering technique that uses High Dynamic Range (HDR) images to provide 3D scenes with highly-detailed, real-world lighting. Using iClone, you can synchronize sky textures to IBL images, create your own IBL maps from 3D scenes, and then blend and animate them to achieve dynamic lighting effects.

3D scene - dynamic IBL and sky environments

Dynamic IBL & Sky Environments

3D scene - HDR timeline keys and skybox association

HDR Timeline Keys & Skybox Association

bake 3D scenes to HDR image maps

Bake 3D Scenes to HDR Image Maps