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The Mocap Device Plug-in is the must-have tool that turns iClone5 into a complete mocap studio solution. With this Kinect motion capturing tool, now you can use your own body to control virtual actors, in real-time, with motion smoothing optimizations. Lightspeed your animations and create authentic motions without having to rent an entire mocap studio or even wear a markered jump suit! (plug-in only works with iClone5 PRO edition)

The Hottest Kinect Mocap Features

Reallusion announces partnership with Microsoft Kinect for Windows enabling real-time motion capture animation for PCs. iClone uses the latest available driver using Microsoft Kinect SDK (besides Open NI SDK) which currently works with computers running Windows 7 or above. It includes enhanced APIs, providing better calibration, more articulate motion data and stability. The mocap plug-in users can download both drivers in their member page after registering the serial number of the plug-in.

Login to download Kinect SDK Beta Login to download Kinect SDK Beta

Head & Wrist Movement

The Kinect SDK allows end point motion capture, which means your head or wrist movements can be recognized for more natural animation.

Floor Detection & Alignment

With the help of Kinect’s auto motor adjustment and floor
alignment functions, your feet movement will be better aligned
with the virtual floor, preventing unnatural floating foot movement.

Head Rotation

We've added the option of head rotation tracking, which can capture rotation around the x-axis and z-axis. This means you can now make your character nod with agreement, turn its head, or look from the left to the right.

Near Mode

Now you can capture your motion closer to the camera
even when sitting in front of the desk. We’ve updated the
Mocap plug-in with Kinect for Windows 1.2, and thanks
to the near mode, your motion data can be captured as close
as 40cm to the sensor with full accuracy and precision.

Other Motion Capture Capabilities

Aside from the new exclusive features included with Kinect SDK, there are some other great improvements in mocap capabilities for both mocap drivers (Kinect SDK & Open NI SDK).

Mocap Launcher: Half-body Capture & Mask

You are now able to choose “full-body” or “upper body” to perform half-body capture while in a seated position. On the other hand, you can
also mask out specific body parts to
combine with existing motion, or add
knee rotation constraint for a more
stable capture.

Remote Body Commands

No need to walk back to your computer to start or stop recording. Now you can use simple gestures to send commands to the mocap device.

Mirror Capture

Check on the “mirror” option to flip your character’s movement from one side to the other.

Motion Smoother

Remove annoying minor motion jitter with the new enhanced motion smoother.

Drivers and Available Devices

  Kinect SDK Beta2 Kinect SDK for Windows
Operation System Win7 only Win7/Win8
Support Device Kinect for XBox* Kinect for Windows V.1**
Commercial Use Right X O
Head & Wrist Movement O O
Auto Floor Calibration O O
Floor Adjustment O O
Remote Body Command O O
Mirror Function O O
Motion Smoother O O
Near Mode X O
Head Rotation X O

To switch to a different driver, please uninstall the previous driver and install the new one which can be downloaded in your premium page. Please notice that the latest driver "Kinect SDK for Windows" in 5.12 is only compatible with the device "Kinect for Windows".
* "Kinect for XBox" is originally made for XBox 360 console, and you may need the adapter to transfer data for PC.
** "Kinect for Windows" is available in Microsoft Store or Amazon.com. "Kinect for Windows V2" is not supported.