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Modular Scene Element

iClone provides scene elements with an attachable building block system that can be connected and combined. You can create a mid-rise neighborhood with large, several-story buildings or design and customize these buildings by adding shops to the first floor. The prop templates are designed especially for architecture purposes. It includes required construction materials for interior decoration design.
Create your own scene with Free Modeling Tool

Natural Environment System

iClone also provides a flexible environment system to assemble your scenes with terrain, sky, water, grass and trees. Actors or vehicles can walk or drive on the terrain. Add any prop as part of the terrain and turn on collision to block actors or vehicles from passing through. Create an oasis in iClone, with beautiful refracting water, reflection, custom speed, clarity, color and underwater fog. A library of skies give you a variety of sky templates. Create custom skies to match any scene. Landscape with tools for placing a variety of plants on any terrain. Use wind speed adjustments allowing grass and trees to sway with the wind for natural environmental effects.
Advanced landscape creation system in iClone Natural Builder



The HDR (High Dynamic Range) effects can be used to create intense visual effects within your video. Adjust the parameters like threshold, bloom and exposure to add contrast or tone to your original design. With iClone5, users can choose the glare type such as cheap lens, cross screen or spectral snow to create shining, dazzling flames.


IBL (Image Based Lighting) is a 3D rendering technique which projects an image onto a sphere that contains an environmental lighting source. This can help simulate the object receiving natural environment lights.

Ambient Occlusion

Ambient occlusion is a newly added shading method in iClone5 which helps add realism to models and scenes. It enhances edge shadows by simulating the attenuation of light due to occlusion. Ambient occlusion simply attempts to approximate the way light radiates in real life, especially off of what are normally considered non-reflective surfaces.

Toon Shader

Cartoon rendering and cell shading allows animators to create a flat-looking 3D image into a cartoonish look, typically exemplified in artistically animated movies. Now in iClone5, you can not only produce realistic styles of 3D animation, but you can also create cartoon-like animated videos.


Fog is a very useful tool used to add depth to your scene. By changing the fog distance and range, you can create different feelings in your scene with a variety of color tones.