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Camera & Lighting

Camera Gizmo & Camera Studio (PIP)

The camera gizmo and the PIP view turn iClone5 into a professional photography & film studio. The camera gizmo allows you to easily control multiple cameras with visible positions, while providing you with a clear range of camera views and depths of field. You may then use the PIP view to observe your subjects between the preview and custom camera mode.

Camera1 Camera2 Camera3


Animate the camera lens from a wide to narrow angle (20 - 200 mm), creating special camera effects made famous by Alfred Hitchcock in movies like Vertigo. This is commonly referred to as the "Vertigo" effect.

Link to Look at

Link-to & Look-at

Link any camera to an object with auto-follow when the actor or prop moves. The camera view will stay with the linked object and keep it in view throughout its entire animation. Camera Link creates shots automatically without having to keyframe and chase moving objects. Different from the Camera Link function, Camera Look-at keeps the camera in it's set position, but pivots the camera view to always look at the defined target object. This is like a camera on a tripod that always turns towards its object and films its Look-at target.

Lighting System

iClone provides 4 types of lights to enrich your scene with different purposes. Directional Light is a general purpose light for filling the scene from offstage lighting. Point Light and Spotlight are preferred for regional illumination. Ambient Light accompanies all lights to add additional ambience to the scene.


Easily click to pick a focus target, change DOF and do further range settings (range, distance). Animate DOF to increase the dramatic style of your film with rack focusing and blurring, from one focal length to another.


Advanced shadow effect that enables any object to cast or receive shadows within the scene. Create self casting shadows from actors and objects just like in real-life, adding more realism to your environment. The self casting shadow offers blur, intensity and toggle on/off switch.