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Who Uses iClone
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See how iClone is used in many industries
Thanks to its powerful and versatile real-time 3D engine, iClone5 has turned itself into the indispensable tool for many of today's industries. Users from all walks of life have discovered amazing new applications as iClone cuts down on a variety of production factors including cost, time and effort. Learn what others are doing, and find out how you can also benefit with iClone!
iClone5 is real-time filmmaking with quick design & production tools for digital actors, environments, visual effects & in-house motion capturing. Combine virtual sets with a chromakeyed popVideo of yourself or a spokesperson for professional video broadcasts without expensive on-location studio. iClone animation pipeline upgrades Reallusion's real-time animation tools for game development. Convert and export your 3D models and motions for any game engine easily.
Storyboarding and Pre-vizualizations are no longer only for big-budget action flicks. Learn more about these techniques that have helped filmmakers. Cartoon rendering and cell shading allows animators to create a flat-looking 3D image with a cartoonish look, typically exemplified in artistically animated movies. With iClone, students can unleash their inner talents and deliver results in weeks which would normally take years with traditional 3D tools.