Version Comparison

This comparison table only lists the major differences about the features among edtions. If you want to know the full features of iClone4, please visit here. If you want to know the differences between 3.0 & 4.0, please visit here. You can also view the comparison demo video.

  Edition iClone4 EX iClone4 Standard iClone4 PRO
Custom 3D head from photo
Custom clothes with CloneCloth
Voice lip-sync and multi-actor dialog
Character motion building (IK / FK)

Bone level facial deformation


Basic Facial Puppeteering
Advanced Facial Puppeteering
- Detail Solo Feature Control
- Bone level expression detailing

Add and delete key frames


Move, copy, & paste key frames

(Expired after 15 days)

Transition curve (Expired after 15 days)  
Loop or speed control of motion clip (Expired after 15 days)  
Collect and save custom motion clip (Expired after 15 days)  
Multiple Camera Switch (Expired after 15 days)  
Motion Layer Editing
Live Content Access on Backstage
Included Content
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60% 100% 100%
BVH Converter    
Developer Tools
- Plug-in, base mode, white paper

Free modeling from SketchUp
Free models from 3D Warehouse
( Bring in 3DS, OBJ, SKP file formats into iClone via 3DXchange)

Video Export Duration 30 seconds -- --

Max Video Output Resolution

320x240 HD
Max Image Output Resolution 800x600 3000x3000 3000x3000

Full Screen Mode

3D Stereo Vision Output
Watermark With Watermark -- --
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