3DXchange 6

Unlimited Content Expansion for iClone

3DXchange is a robust, streamlined conversion and editing tool that connects iClone to a universe of 3D content. Users are able to import bi-ped, animated skin-bone characters and their animations for use in iClone. They can also export iClone characters and animations to external 3D applications and video game engines. Moreover, 3DXchange 6 is enhanced with an optimized conversion performance and editing environment, ensuring that you an even faster and better user experience!

(Please Note: 3DXchange 6 is only compatible with iClone 6, and there is no backward compatibility.)

Import & Export

3DXchange Pipeline

What’s New in 3DXchange 6

Optimized Performance

Large Model Conversion (OBJ)

3DXchange 6 has Improved stability, allowing models with up to 1,280,000 faces to be imported smoothly. High-polygon OBJ models are now imported much faster than before!

Large Model Conversion
High-polygon OBJ model

Merge Identical

The Merge Identical feature gives users a big performance boost over 3D models composed with multiple meshes sharing identical materials. By combining mesh nodes sharing the same materials into one object, 3DXchange 6 greatly reduces repetitive draw calls for a better real-time performance. (This feature only support .skp files, other formats will be included for later updates.)

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Merge Identical

Enhanced UI

Interactive Lighting & Scene Mode Selection

3DXchange 6 provides 4 different scene modes for users to preview the converted model with enhanced visual preferences. Just like iClone, you can hold the "/ " key to intuitively adjust the light angle for better observation of model details.

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Scene Mode Selection
preview the converted model with enhanced visual preferences
Quick Mode
Default Mode
IBL Sunny Mode
IBL Hall Mode

Scene Tree Show / Hide

Often, you will have both 3DXchange and iClone open on the same desktop. The Scene Tree on/off toggle gives users flexibility in maximizing the 3D view size while keeping a minimized window scale.

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Scene Tree
Scene Tree Show / Hide

Other Enhancements

Smooth LipSync 2.0 - Phoneme Pairs

Get away from jumpy, artificial, one-sound-to-one-shape lip-syncing. It’s time to give all your 3D characters a more natural talk with this newly introduced phoneme pairing solution. With greatly enhanced mouth movements governed by pairing 8 lip-dental shapes, 7 tongue positions, and mouth width, blended in varied time curves to represent more natural transitions between 240 possible phoneme combinations. The new lip mapping system will be supported in 3DXchange 6.2.
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Smooth LipSync 2.0 - Phoneme Pairs

Direct Access to Free 3D Assets in Sketchup 3D Warehouse

The most classic and exciting feature of 3DXchange, is that it allows you to get free access to millions of 3D models for prop and scene creation. Now 3DXchange 6 is compatible with all versions of Sketchup files. Simply import any file downloaded from 3D Warehouse, without the hassle of prior format conversion using Sketchup.
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direct access to free 3D assets in sketchup 3D warehouse

Support External Tools in the Latest Version

Whether you’re indulging in game development, model build-up, CG design, or motion creation, 3DXchange has been updated to support external tools,  to ensure that you enjoy these up-to-date functions.
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supports game development, model build-up, CG design, or motion creation

Upcoming Features in 3DXchange 6

3D Data Silent I/O

3D Data Silent I/O

Do you wish to just drag in an OBJ, SKP or FBX file directly into iClone, or apply an BVH, FBX motion file directly to your iClone character right in the scene? Well now you will be able to simply right-click in order to export a selected model, or motion to a game engine or other 3D tools. The new Silent I/O allows you to import and export files all within the iClone user interface, and also provides an easy entry to launch 3DXchange for full conversion options.

GoZ - ZBrush Edit and Update

GoZ - ZBrush Edit and Update

ZBrush, the tool for designers with the art mind will soon be able to seamlessly connect you with iClone. By selecting a target item in iClone and pressing the GoZ option, you will be able to easily reshape a model, sculpt a new character morph, or make realistic texture painting in ZBrush. The new design will also allow for fast importing of ZBrush objects as iClone props with one simple click. GoZ, the super highway for iClone content modification, refinement and creation.  

Learning Resources

Watch the tutorial videos for easy-to-follow instructions to quickly get familiar with 3DXchang,and get more product knowledge and details from the manual.

Version Comparison

For iClone 6 Users 3DXchange 5 3DXchange 6
Standard PRO Pipeline Standard PRO Pipeline
Bring in 3D models to iClone as 3D Props
- 3DS, OBJ, SKP for static models
- FBX for animated 3D props with multiple motion clips
(Please take note that only 3DXchange PRO and Pipeline support FBX, the Standard version does not.)
Bring in bi-ped characters and make them ready for iClone iMotion
- one-click characterization for bone-skin characters
- one-click profile for Human IK, Biped, or DAZ Genesis 2 rig
Bring in non-human characters and their corresponding motion clips
- animals, creatures, etc
Facial Rig for Lip-sync and Facial Puppet Animation
- full facial bone/morph mapping
Import human motion files
- BVH, FBX and motion capture data
- Retarget motion for different body-scale characters
Export 3D Models
- OBJ (static object, replace mesh, paint & sculpt, create face morph data)
Export Character and Motion
- BVH (motion data)
- FBX (bone-skin character, motion data, multi-material data)
Merge Identical for 3D models composed with multiple meshes sharing identical materials    
Interactive lighting & 4 Scene Mode selection  
Scene Tree Show / Hide  
Content Export License - only for Pipeline version users iClone 5 or below iClone 6 or below
List Price $99.95 $199.95 $499.95 $99.00 $199.00 $499.00

Free Download

3DXchange 6 Pipeline Free Download

3DXchange 6 Pipeline Trial

  • Version: v6.21
  • Platform: Win XP SP2 / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • Release Date: 2015-10-14
  • Category: Trial Software (Pipeline trial edition; 30 days)
  • File Size: 140 MB
Edition Comparison Item Trial Full
Program Usage 30 days No limitation
Export content in iContent (iClone native format), FBX, BVH, or OBJ
*If you export 1 character with 3 motions in one FBX file, you will spend 4 export times.
15 times No limitation
Export Length (Motion) 30 seconds No limitation
Login to activate Required No limitation
Content Live content preview and purchase Yes Yes
Bonus character resource pack No Yes


3DXchange 6 Free Upgrade

  • Version: v6.21.1008.1 update patch for v6.2 Pipeline, PRO, & Standard
  • Last update on 2015-10-14
  • File Size: 50.6 MB

    Release Notes:

  • Added: "Remove Hidden Mesh" option for fbx and obj export on CC Character.
  • Added: "Remove Head Opacity" for fbx export on CC Character.
  • Fixed: CC Character transparency issue with certain camera views in Unity.
  • Fixed: CC Character animation improperly converting to Humanoid skeletons in Unity.
  • Fixed: CC Character FBX export morph naming not matched.
  • Fixed: CC Character with high-heeled shoes contain broken foot upon export to FBX.
  • Fixed: CC Character Cloth mesh reset to original after replacing with custom sculpted one. Forum Report
  • Fixed: 3DXchange6 crashes when load a MotionPlus with Facial Animation and included Lip Sync Options track.
  • Fixed: Cannot see the CC Character thumbnail in the file open/save dialog of 3DXchange.
  • Fixed: Make sub prop for an OBJ file in 3DXchange, and then bring into iClone, failed to use physics for the new object. Forum Report / Video
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