Make Your Greeting Stand out with popWidget

The popWidget loads a sticky hovering widget grabbing your viewers attention on any website or desktop. In this tutorial, you will know how to arrange your iWidget files for the enghanced popWidget composer in WidgetCast 2.1. Finally, this popWidget can be shared anywhere in front of the websites.

* This tutorial is designed for WidgetCast PRO, Standard, and Trial users.


Step1: Click "Insert popWidget Composer" icon and select "Composer" button to launch the panel


Step2: Insert the iWidget file as the Idle Script in your popWidget


Step3: Insert the other iWidget files as the different scripts you want to present


Step4: In the composer panel, you can select the following items for different purposes

  • Initial Menu Item Motion: After you check on this, the menu items will be played first and back to idle
  • Custom: You can define the first script to show up
  • Random: You will randomly play the script items in the menu
  • Play All: The script items will be played in order


Step5: Click "Export" button, then select "" hosting


Step6: Click "Publish & Share" in the "Manage" Panel and copy the embedded code in the "Post" panel


Step7: Place the popWidget in your web page by inserting the embedded code


Step8: Then, you can see the popWidget hovering in front of your website