Create Virtual Host from iClone/CrazyTalk for Party Invitation

With WidgetCast, you can easily create and customize high-quality real-time animated avatars from iClone or CrazyTalk. In this tutorial, you will know the design concept of party widget and how to bring in the virtual host from Reallusion products.

* This tutorial is designed for WidgetCast PRO, Standard, and Trial users.


Step1: Place the top-navigation bar of your widget in the foreground page


Step2: Import the desired images files in different pages for page switch


Step3: Launch the project in iClone with your animated avatar


Step4: Uncheck the "Active" function in the "2D Background" panel and select the proper background color


Step5: Select "iWidget Output" under "Export" and define the size and quality you need


Step6: Click the icon "Insert popVideo (iWidget)" and bring your iWidget file to the preview window


Step7: Add your party detail and provide the location info via Google/Yahoo! Map in different pages

Step8: Click "Export" button, then select "" hosting


Step9: Click "Public & Share" in the "Manage" panel


Step10: Click the desired website you would like to publish (e.g. Blogger)


Step11: Then, you can publsih your party invitation in your blog or website