Customize and mail your card with X'mas Template

The WidgetCast X'mas template provides numerous images of props & background that you can use to decorate your holiday card! Click the "Library" icon in WidgetCast and customize your card by drag-and-drop. Finally, you can send out this greeting card via Reallusion mail system for FREE.

* This tutorial is designed for WidgetCast PRO, Standard, and Trial users.


Step1: Click the "library" icon in WidgetCast and access to the folder "2009 X'mas" for various X'mas templates


Step2: Select the desired image and drag in as 2D Background
Step3: Select the props to decorate your card freely


Step4: Import any image format created by other tool to better design your card


Step5: Add the text messages to deliver your best wishes


Step6: Click "Export" button, then select "" hosting


Step7: Click "Publish & Share" in the "Manage" Panel and select the "Email" mode for delivery


Step8: Your friend will receive your greeting card immediately via Reallusion's smart system