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1 Editing Environment Tutorial - Quick Product Overview

  • Intro to Production Environment
This tutorial will introduce you to the basics of CrazyTalk7 while guiding you through the initial creation process with a few extra tips along the way. So get ready to discover all the cool new features in CrazyTalk7!

3 Character Creation Tutorials - Ready your Actors

These tutorials will guide you through the initial character creation process inside CrazyTalk7; showing you how to create animated characters from everyday images and photographs, how to adjust the eyes and teeth settings, and how to remove the background of your original images to later add your own custom backdrops.

  • Face Fitting
  • Eyes and Teeth Settings
  • Background Removal

5 Auto Motion Tutorials - Master this Innovative Audio-driven Technology

These tutorials focus on the new Auto Motion technology found inside CrazyTalk7. We will show you how to use the advanced Auto Motion Settings panel to customize Head & Body movements, how to use the Muscle Controls and the Global Settings, and how to use the Face Puppeteering panel to create your own Motion Clips to later save them in the Content Manager.

  • Basic Auto Motion (Standard)
  • Advanced Auto Motion 1: Head Movement (PRO)
  • Advanced Auto Motion 2: Muscle Control (PRO)
  • Advanced Auto Motion 3: Global Settings (PRO)
  • Motion Clip Animation & Face Puppeteering

6 Custom Animation Tutorials - Create your own Animaitons

These tutorials focus on teaching you how to create your own custom animations, such as importing your own audio to do basic lip-syncing, importing multiple audio tracks and adding different Auto Motions. You will also learn to create custom animations through layered facial puppeteering, create music videos with intricate facial animations, use the advanced Face Key Editor and the Advanced Puppet Settings for detailed animation. You will also learn how to use the Transform track with keys to simulate camera and character movements.

  • Import Audio and Basic Lip-syncing
  • Multi Audio & Auto Motions (PRO)
  • Custom Puppeteering Through Layering
  • Advanced Singing Animation
  • Advanced Key Editing & Puppet Settings (PRO)
  • Transform Editing & Camera Movements (PRO)

1 Render & Output Tutorial - Export your Work

  • Exporting Image Sequences & Videos
This tutorial will cover the basics on rendering and exporting your finished projects as images, images sequences and videos. You will also learn how to export your projects with no background for easy image or video compositing in other editing software.

1 Sample Project - Instant Hands-on Experience

The sample project "Talent Show" will help you get a quick hands-on experience on how to manipulate multiple audio clips inside the Timeline. Beginning with loading audio clips to progressively customizing auto motions, editing motion clips with special keys, and dealing with transitions between audio clips to refine voice scripts. Just open this project and prepare a well-fitted model.