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iClone Animation Pipeline is a revolution for CG design and game development. This toolkit contains a complete set of animation tools for quick character generation, smart motion editing, and supported with an extensive on-line content marketplace. iClone makes it easy to convert characters and retarget motions to your working environment via standard FBX, BVH and OBJ formats. By working with the Kinect mocap device, iClone can turn your PC into a powerful production studio with the minimal cost and increased development speed.

5 Unique Benefits for Game Design

The Fastest 3D Character Creation

Employ awesome facial & body deformations to morph the same characters into different styles. Use powerful face shaping controls to fine-tune facial features such as eyes, brows, cheeks, chin, lips and nose. Then select the starting body shape and morph to - slim, strong, average, miniature or cartoon-like. CloneCloth introduces powerfully simple custom clothing with the use of any image editor to shape and decorate custom designs.
Human Character
| Monster Character

Live Motion Capture & HumanIK Editing

The first in-house, Kinect mocap studio that allows you to directly bring in motion data to control virtual actors without the burden of complex motion pipelines or tedious conversion issues. With the built-in HumanIK from Autodesk® ; iClone5 meets the highest standards of human bone structure and motion editing systems. Moacp | HumanIK | Motion Puppet

Game-ready Motion Design

Reallusion provides different sets of Persona motions to match different types of game characters. One Persona file may include several unique and personalized motions. In the add-on monster motion packs, there are over 130 motions in 4 different categories like Mode, Move, Perform, & Response, which allow you to easily set the idle motion to your characters, create and customize a walk/run loop, or activate various unique and dynamic motions with hotkeys in your game.

Royalty-free Content & Marketplace

Professionals and beginners can take advantage of tons of pre-made content and smart interactivity between actors, vehicles and props that make animation fun and simple. iClone is not only embedded with tons of content inside the program but also has an expansive content library for you to explore. You can convert all of this great content to industry standard formats like FBX, BVH, or OBJ as well. Simplify your creative process with royalty-free content and let your imagination run wild without needing to worry about your usage rights.
Content Store | Marketplace

Optimized for Real-time Performance & Unity Platform

Reallusion provides users with an open content platform, where most content is already optimized for real-time playback while maintaining high visual quality. Each standard character is made up of an average of 20,000~30,000 polygons which is ideal amount for console and PC game development. There are also tons of animals & creatures under 5,000 polygons for your selection in Content Store as well. In the other hand, the file conversion is optimized for Unity platform so you can get perfect character and animation results.
Live Demo in Unity
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