Qualification & Requirement
  • All participants should register as a Reallusion member to submit via Submission Form by midnight Pacific time on 06/30/09
  • Use iClone or CrazyTalk in the creation of your movie - Don't have iClone? Get iClone EX free here. You can optionally also incorporate footage from other video-games for a total Machinima mash-up
  • Fill out the Submission Form with your Youtube.com URL, movie title, description of your movie, movie credits & your contact information. 
  • Entrants may submit up to (3) movies for award consideration
  • Winners will be posted to the War & Peace official forum page and notified through e-mail

Technical Requirement

  • 1 video link in YouTube
    (So, the video size is not limited, the better video quality in YouTube
    is encouraged. The video title should begin with ˇ§iClone War & Peace - ˇ¨)
    PS. Please refer to here to upload HD video in YouTube
  • Movie length: minimum 2 minutes and maximum of 10 minutes
  • The video must be about war & peace
  • Language: Movies can be in any language, but if not in English then subtitles are required and should be in English
  • Submissions are suggested to have at least 40% iClone and/or CrazyTalk generated footage if other game engines or footage are used

Suggested Genre for Submission

War and Peace covers a lot of ground, so here are some inspired and suggested movie ideas. The video genre you submit wonˇ¦t be the concerned with judge criteria. Please refer to the prize page for specific award category & criterion.

War in general

The following times are all welcome:
Historical (fiction or non-fiction), Ancient War, Medieval War, WW1/2, Sci-Fi or Fantasy, Star War, Terminator, Alien, Starship Troopers, Romance (Love story in a war)

Movie (Fictional)

  • This is the most understandable genre, it includes: action, comedy, horror, Sci-Fi, and etc.


  • It means to re-create the scene from the popular movies or to simulate a trailer.

Machinima & Mashup

  • Incorporate or edit footage from other videogames or game storylines.

Music Video

  • The video comes with a major song or the genre looks like musical or opera.


  • Spoof an incident or politicians or edit videos with war-time speech or newsreel.


  • Any other genre you would like to submit. (e.g. Monologue, commercialˇK)