The day has come ¡V
Filmmaking in the age of visual computing

A new era has arrived and the walls between your stories and a global audience are crumbling.  The age of Visual Computing is here and with it's arrival we are all capable of creating amazing digital content from the comfort of our home, studio or office.  This new era is the ultimate green-light on your creativity with tools and hardware equipping you to export your imagination and realize your stories in real-time 3D animation.  Reallusion is partnered with worldwide industry leaders Intel and Nvidia in forging the age visual computing and providing you the ultimate real-time stage to tell your story through stunning animation tools that are accessible to all.  The War and Peace filmmaking competition is a celebration of this time of innovation and opportunity to spotlight your films and the independent spirit of today's new filmmakers.

Tell a tale of War or Peace. The choice is yours.
The Reallusion War and Peace Machinima Filmmaking Competition welcomes filmmakers of all skill levels from beginner to pro to participate in a unique movie competition.  The competition begins April 01, 2009 and concludes on June 30th 2009.  All entries are to be submitted to YouTube and posted on the event theater along with filling out the Submission Form.
Winners will be announced on July 31st 2009.  See complete rules and list of prizes for more information. Rules | Prizes

Tales of WAR
Whether it's an epic battle, war time romance, hero's tribute or tales of the fallen, choosing the War path will benefit from the iClone instant visual effects, multiple war machine props, detailed actor's and wardrobe and motions for scouting or fighting in the battlefield.

Tales of PEACE
The serenity of iClone's environments, vast variety of content, and easy to customize actors provide a utopia for storytellers to share their tales of peace and harmony.

¡§Reallusion¡¦s iClone and other Machinima tools enable 3D artist to communicate their stories without incurring the high costs and lengthy production times of traditional 3D animation and modeling.¡¨
3D World - The magazine for 3D artists
Issue No. 104

Special Guest Judges:

Reallusion is proud to welcome two accomplished and amazingly creative gems to the lineup of judges. Paul Jannicola and Kerria Seabrooke of the Ill Clan. Paul and Kerria bring their awarding winning talents to the War and Peace filmmaking competition and provide all those entering with a chance to have their work viewed by these two dynamic professional Machinima filmmakers.