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Who is David?

David is the director of the wonderful movie "Disturbing Experience". Let's check out his story.

My name is David THOMAS. I’m a French music composer and web designer. I have studied computer graphics (expert) in multimedia and I have founded my own company: DAVID THOMAS CREATIONS. As a musician, I composed various soundtracks and music for features such as TV movies, commercials TV and radio and short films in France. I resided and worked in United states and Latin America for 6 years (1996 to 2002) where I founded a musical production company and productions studios. I moved back in France (2002) where I live now. 3D is my hobby.

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When David meets iClone

For a very long time I was fascinated with 3D and I’ve always wanted to make my own 3d movies… One day I found on a web site, commentaries talking about a new software to make real time 3D movies named: Reallusion iClone. I wanted to try iClone to see how it worked and possibilities to make complete movies. I really enjoyed it and I was very impressed. For Now I use iClone for all my movies and multimedia productions. iClone is for me the most fabulous 3d real-time software that I know. iClone is very easy to use, and has incredible potential in animations, camera movement, effects, lighting, rendering, export etc…. With iClone I can really produce quality movies and videos. It’s very difficult to compare iClone with others tools, I tested a lot of 3d software but in my opinion iClone is the best to produce 3D real-time movies.

Ideas for his stories

American cinema and series inspired me to create my movies. I love USA and I’ve always been fascinated by the American movies. I wrote various scripts that I can create now with the Fabulous iClone toolset. The movie in my mind when I was planning the story of “DISTURBING EXPERIENCE” was “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre ”.

Comments for newbies in iClone

Without hesitation, use iClone software. It’s the most fabulous toolset.


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