iClone4 Sneak Preview

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Recorded live from Siggraph 2009 in New Orleans, these videos showcase the key features of iClone4 and deliver amazing results.

Tune in regularly and find what’s new with iClone4!!

See the Latest Test Video from the Lab

Video Title: Video & Metrial Effects
Included new features: Video texture, Blend Map

With iClone4, you are allowed to drag and drop any video into the 3D preview window and play it in real-time. By working with the material channels (including blend map), the video can be displayed on any 3D object with amazing visual effects.

Video Title: IBL & Environmental Lighting
Included new features: IBL & Environmental Lifghting, HDR

With iClone4 IBL function, you can add real lighting effects on your target object. Using the pantoscopic scene image as IBL map, your object can receive natural environmental light. Users are also allowed to animate IBL strength with HDR to make amazing visual results.

Video Title: Dynamic Skirt
Included new features: Rotation-driven Spring Effect

The enhanced spring feature with rotation-driven effect can help create natural human movement, such as swaying hair or dynamic skirt. In comparison to iClone3 spring efect, the rotation-driven feature creates better and more natural visual results.

The Wolf & Dulci Hour Live podCast Show

"Wolf & I had the pleasure (vast understatement!) of joining the Reallusion group at Siggraph in New Orleans this week. The 3 hour demo of iClone4 left us with our jaws on the floor. Immediately after the demo, Wolf & I hurried to get on the air and share what we saw with you." - Dulci