From July 15 to August 31, design your favorite costume to simulate a poster of a famous movie (like the sample on the left) using iClone and you will have the chance to win one of prizes valued in total over US$2,500! Download the hottest freebie “G3 CloneCloth bases” and start your creation today!

With the arrival of G3 Evolution, Reallusion provides several new design bases that you can use to create any and every costume of any famous movie come true. Do you have any favorite movies in mind? Do you ever think about using iClone to re-create those classic scenes? Now you can and at the same time- give tribute to your favorite movies. Simply create your character with a costume in iClone and make a living movie poster to win!

Take a look at the example on the left. In this case, the author re-purposes the classic horror movie "The Exorcist". To make it funny, this priest is going to meet ...the girl of his dreams, oh wait… no...It’s his wife...the scariest woman you’ll ever see!


In addition, a short movie trailer will help you earn extra bonus points in the competition. iClone is not only a still image rendering tool, but a 3D movie machine! Put your actor in the real-time engine and re-create any classic footage and post your Re-Created Famous Movie trailer on YouTube.

The more views/clicks on your Movie Trailer the more bonus points you earn!

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