Reallusion now has an open call for submissions into the "iClone's Tribute to Famous Movie". Follow the 6 easy steps below to know the basic concept for entering this competition.


To get started on your entry, you first got to find a good movie for sure (your personal favorite movie is the best place to start your search). Input "Movie Poster" in any search engine, you can then browse through all the thousands of movie posters out there, you might find your inspiration there. You also have to define which leading actor's costume you want to design. So then, select a classic scene, create an actor, and then create a movie poster and a short video for that scene.

Once you decided the costume you want to design, you have to find the best base model which can help you quickly create that costume. You can use any base model, G1, G2 or G3 characters are all welcomed. For example, the costume from the movie "The Eviction" is designed from the G3 CloneCloth base - Overcoat.

Now, comes the fun part and the exercise of your talents and skills for designing clothes. You can visit here to see the manual of G3 CloneCloth and here for the video tutorial of G2 CloneCloth. Remember to include any accessory for your characters to complete the style.

When you are producing the materials for Movie Poster tribute, please remember that you can't use the original image (or parts of the image) directly to design the poster. You have to create the character and the scene inside iClone. And you should change the movie title a little bit to avoid any unnecessary copyright issues. Your creation should be able to reveal which movie you are using as your guide and at the same time express your own creativity!

To earn bonus points, produce a short video clip with the poster/still as cover. The scores will be judged by the views/clicks received in YouTube. So any other video sharing site won't be counted except for YouTube submission.

To notify Reallusion about your submission, simply visit here and click "Add Topic" to post your image and video link. The required info is as below (see example):

- Movie Title: The Eviction
- Tribute to: The Exorcist
- Author: Nina
- Image Submission: (Attach the poster in he post)
- Video Submission: (YouTube link)
- Description: (Anything you want to add)

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