DrawPlus Demo Video

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Draw & Paint Demo for CrazyTalk Animator
DrawPlus brings data compatibility and ease-of-use to CrazyTalk Animator designers, as it saves time and effort on full scale Adobe Flash and Photoshop projects. With DrawPlus, now you can combine the power of image paint, vector draw and animated Flash content (SWF) in one complete toolbox.
DrawPlus Demo & Tutorial
DrawPlus is the powerful, fun and versatile designer that makes graphics easier than ever.
Quick Start
Introduce the DrawPlus workspace, basic tools, and the techniques you need to get started.
Working with Layers
Introduce layers and show you how to use them as building blocks for your DrawPlus creation.
Adjusting Images
Show you how to apply creative effects with PhotoLab filters.
Cutout Images
Uses Cutout Studio to separate a subject of a photo from its background.

Blend Modes
Achieve professional-level artistic and graphic design effects by blending objects' color, textures and etc.