Empower your CrazyTalk Animator creations with DrawPlus X5's professional draw and paint capabilities. DrawPlus X5 from Serif is not only a fully-featured graphics tool, but also a proven content design pipeline for CrazyTalk Animator. It brings data compatibility and ease-of-use to CrazyTalk Animator designers, as it saves time and effort on full scale Adobe Flash and Photoshop projects. With DrawPlus X5, now you can combine the power of image paint, vector draw and animated Flash content (SWF) in one complete toolbox.

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Create Original Content with Intelligent Drawing Tools

Quick Shapes, curve smoothing, and smart tools all help non-artists achieve fantastic results. Graphics tablets with pressure-sensitivity offer your strokes natural faintness and depth for better brushwork, sketching, writing, shading and natural flair.

Paint with Realistic Brushes

Paint with lifelike water colors, oil, charcoal and many other brush tips - without any mess. Bring your media to life in CrazyTalk Animator with fitting techniques inside the Character Composer system.

Advanced Vector Power for Highest Quality

Enhance your drawings with editable perspectives, warps, skewing, roughening, and shape blending.

Turn your Photos into Vector Images

Turn sketches, logos, web graphics and photos into high quality vector artwork that you can easily recolor, tweak, silhouette and resize without losing quality.

Bring any Object to Life with Smart Background Removal

Quickly cut away image backgrounds to give subjects accuracy and focus. Or use parts of a photo as shape art for silhouettes, shadows and more.

Bring Animated Titling and Logos into Projects

Apply realistic styles on headlines and logos by using marble, metal, glass, wood and organic textures.
Use perspectives and cool warps, add Instant 3D effects or work on isolated graphics in Solo Mode.

Turn any Object into a 3D One

Use a simple one-click to turn one or multiple geometric figures, or texts, into 3D objects with flexible adjustments for camera angles, shadows and specular effects.