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Showcase Name: Flying Surface - Flags
Time: 02:22
Author: Reallusion
Description: They Include 3 flag models (you can cut the model using any opacity texture, or change the scale to change the size), 3 ~ 5 different wind speed, as well as 7 bonus flag poles...(More)
Pack: Flying Surface_Flags and Banners
Showcase Name: City Elements - Citizen Extras
Time: 00:34
Author: Reallusion
Description: The poly count of a Citizen Extras character is lower than 4000. Since the poly count of one clone cloth G2 characters equals 8 Citizen Extras characters, the time and CPU usa...(More)
Pack: City Elements - Citizen Extras
Showcase Name: City Elements - Suburban Streets
Time: 01:26
Author: Reallusion
Description: The design of City Elements is to create an open and dynamic design for users to utilize props as building blocks. They can invent their town according to their will to make a...(More)
Pack: City Elements - Suburban Streets , Sky Dome_Colors of Sky
Showcase Name: iClone Evil Force Fantasy Pack
Time: 01:28
Author: Reallusion
Description: Evil Force content pack adds new characters, 3d scenes, special efx, weapons and more to the iClone content library.
Pack: iClone Fantasy World Evil Force
Showcase Name: Baseball Theme Pack
Time: 00:32
Author: Reallusion
Description: iClone proudly presents sports series theme packs for the very first time. Since MLB season is on the way,baseball will be the perfect topic for our sports series. We created ...(More)
Pack: Baseball Theme Pack
Showcase Name: Feminine Movement Volum 1
Time: 03:26
Author: Reallusion
Description: This pack offers 36 motions that focus on graceful feminine movements. It contains female motions such as talking, sitting, cat walking, showing off, and many more. It will ma...(More)
Pack: Feminine Movement Volume 1
Showcase Name: Ladies
Time: 03:17
Author: CoolCreators
Description: This is a collection of outfits that could be used in many different situations created using iclone cloth.
Pack: Ladies Collection
Showcase Name: iClone Dungeon Quest - Film your Fantasy
Time: 05:36
Author: Reallusion
Description: The iClone Dungeon Quest content expansion pack opens your filmmaking world into a realm of might and magic.
Pack: Dungeon Quest Collection Pack
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