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Showcase Name: Charming Girl Persona Behavior
Time: 01:20
Author: Reallusion
Description: Charming Girl Persona Behavior Motion Pack provides daily perform motions of Teenage Girls. These motions include reading, talking on the phone, showering, and doing yoga. ...(More)
Pack: Charming Girl Persona Behavior  , G3 CloneCloth for Essential Woman Vol.1 , G3 CloneCloth for Essential Man Vol.1 , Male Persona Behavior Vol.1 , Female Persona Behavior
Showcase Name: StarShip Components Kit
Time: 01:17
Author: Reallusion
Description: The props of this pack are edited from popular sci-fi movies and tv-series. You can freely and quickly assemble all kinds of creative star ships. You can't find cockpit thi...(More)
Pack: Star Ship Components Kit , Sci-Fi Robots & Machines Combo Theme Pack , Sci-Fi Components - Mechanical iProps , Special Effects Vol.1 - Warfare
Showcase Name: Sci-Fi Robots & Machines
Time: 02:12
Author: Reallusion
Description: This Pack includes 9 kinds of Sci-Fi style iProps, and 3 kinds of Creature Bases. All the iProps have unique functionality such as serving as Power Systems, Weapon Systems, et...(More)
Pack: Sci-Fi Robots & Machines Combo Theme Pack , Sci-Fi Robots - Mechanical Bases , Sci-Fi Components - Mechanical iProps , Interior Elements Vol. 1 - Outer Space , Special Effects Vol.1 - Warfare
Showcase Name: Motion Design Elements
Time: 00:24
Author: Digital Juice
Description: This Motion Design Elements Collections contains 1,643High Resolution popVideos with its own alpha channel transparency that works with other on screen graphics and draw atten...(More)
Pack: Motion Design Elements Vol.1 , Motion Design Elements Vol.1 , Motion Design Elements Vol.2 , Motion Design Elements Vol.3
Showcase Name: Endearment Vol.1 & Vol.2
Time: 01:46
Author: Reallusion
Description: This pack features interactive Persona Perform motions between family member and between friends. The precise positioning of interaction is achieved by using AML Com...
Pack: Endearment Vol. 1: Family and Friends  , Endearment Vol. 2: Lovers
Showcase Name: Animal World
Time: 1:20
Author: Wenqi
Description: Animal World Vol.1, 2 and 3 provide a number of common life animals which all have their own typical motions. They will bring more life to your videos. This series for you to ...(More)
Pack: Animal World Vol.1 - Countryside Animals , Animal World Vol.2 - Household Animals , Animal World Vol.3 - Livestock
Showcase Name: 3D VIDEO VFX - Virtual Studio Vol. 1
Time: 03:04
Author: Reallusion
Description: The Virtual Studio inside iClone let's you produce like a pro surrounded by dynamic sets and stages. Whether you are producing video podcasts, news broadcasts or just need a s...(More)
Pack: 3D VFX - Virtual Studio Vol. 1 , 3D VFX - Motion Montage Vol. 1
Showcase Name: 3D VIDEO VFX - Virtual Studio Vol. 1
Time: 04:05
Author: Reallusion
Description: 3D Video FX Motion Montage creates stunning visual effects for video editors with easy drag and creation inside iClone. Select any video source including HD and it directly on...(More)
Pack: 3D VFX - Motion Montage Vol. 1 , 3D VFX - Virtual Studio Vol. 1
Showcase Name: jam Band Theme Pack
Time: 01:26
Author: Reallusion
Description: This is the Complete Japanese Anime Style Combo which includes both the packs of jam Band Characters and jam Band Dances. With these new types of characters and motions, you c...(More)
Pack: jam Band Theme Pack , Rock Band - The Band Set
Showcase Name: Flowing Skirt Elements Vol. 1 & Flowing Hair Elements Vol.1
Time: 01:05
Author: Reallusion
Description: Flowing Skirt Elements Vol. 1 This pack provides flowing skirt segments with Spring which can make the clothing of your characters more realistic. In addition to the individu...(More)
Pack: Flowing Skirt Elements Vol. 1 , Flowing Hair Elements Vol.1
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