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Commercial Scenario

Commercial Host


This sample shows how CrazyTalk avatar can help to introduce product or service just like a channel host. Such like determine when the avatar will speak with certain script, specify time to change background images, and show/hide the foreground overlaying elements.

Frequently Asked Questions


Customer service is always important for a business. Let’s see how well talking avatars can do to help your all visitors.

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Lead Generation


Online business is usually hard to keep good services because we can’t really see and know what customers’ experienced. Instead of giving them a boring and serious form,how about create a friendly avatar to assist customers and make them feel what they are dealing with is not just a machine.
*Note: This is just a sample project for users to try out.

Catering Service


The best way to make people know your service is tell people by yourself! From this showcase, you will see how David create himself as an host to introduce his catering service.

Education Scenario

American History Quiz


No matter for business training or on-line education, quiz has proven as an effective way to gauge the learning result. By using the Interactive Plug-In, you can make the quiz much more fun to interact with.

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