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Functional Demo Project

Try this demo project to see how CrazyTalk's API can assist you in making your actor move, talk, and look at a target. Enable all sorts of cool functions by using commands directly from the API.

Animated Avatar Face for 3D Game*

Creating talking animated 3D characters for Unity is no simple task. CrazyTalk makes life a lot simpler for those who need talking 3D characters in their scenes. Although CrazyTalk avatars are essentially 2.5D face meshes, they can still be applied to a 3D model and used together with proper camera angle constraints to produce an excellent animated result.

Animated Avatar Face for 2D Game

To turn an existing 2D game character into an animated talking one, simply attach the CrazyTalk avatar face to the sprite or bone of a 2D character, theb determine how it should behave using CrazyTalk's Plug-in API.

Multiple Avatars in the game scene*

This game contains several avatar ghosts throughout the scene. One is hiding in a painting, another emerges from a mirror, yet another is standing in the corridor, and a final one is hovering around a window. Learn how you can use several avatars in the game scene to dramatize your story, and control the fading effects.

* You will need to upgrade Unity Editor to v4.6 or above in order to take advantage of all the plug-in API functions as well as the
level of visual quality made possible with the Stencil Buffer. You will also need Unity Android/iOS PRO in order to export to Android
or iOS. For more information here on Unity licensing.