Animated E-mail for
the whole family
Sharing fun animated e-cards and greetings is easy and with CrazyTalk you get the tools to create unique animated e-cards, e-mail, and online greetings. CrazyTalk enables you to send animated electronic greeting cards complete with a talking character made from any digital photo. You can personalize these greeting cards with your own CrazyTalk talking image and talking message made by importing audio, recording live audio, or created syntheticlly with Text-to-Speech. Greeting Card templates are selectable from a gallery with more electronic greeting card designs available online. You can add background music from the music library or you can import a midi file, you can also add special effects to any e-greeting card.
Send E-Greeting Cards with talking photos,
music and special effects.
Personalize your electronic greeting cards with a text message, as well as 'To' & 'From' text fields. For all text fields you can select the text font, size, color and style. Once your card is ready you can select to Package the card saving it to your local system or you can choose to immediately send it via email. When sending a card all content files are attached as data to allow immediate playback (image, speech, background music, graphical effect, etc.)
When will you need CrazyTalk?
Use CrazyTalk to create Animated e-mail messages Use CrazyTalk to add talking characters to e-greetings
Use CrazyTalk to make talking instant message players Use CrazyTalk to create fun holiday & birthday e-cards
CrazyTalk Media Studio
Full screen DV output for DVD projects
Timeline editor for keyframe animation
Custom Facial Expression editing tools
Background Audio & Audio morphing
Special effects (SFX) video overlay
Masking, Alpha Channel & Chroma Key
Total features of Live and Messenger
Best Value!! $149.95
CrazyTalk Live
Create Virtual hosts for websites
Fully interactive with HTML & JScript
Streaming video output for websites
Video for mobile handsets
Includes Messenger features
CrazyTalk Messenger
Send talking e-mail
Create Animated E-Greetings
Share Instant Messengers
AVI output for VCD size video
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