Web Applications Showcase (IE Only)
Publish your first web based CrazyPal Character
A simple embedded CrazyPal character, created by adding an <object> command to your HTML page that links to a .CTM model file and a .CTS script file.
Customize the standard user interface
Customize the user interface by selectively showing or hiding the CrazyPals control bar and subtitles. Easily determine the style of your CrazyTalk player to fit appropriately into any website.

Interact with Mouse Cursor position
Add a simple script to direct your avatar's eyes to dynamically follow the position of the mouse coordinates.

Create your own user interface
Enhance the appearance of the CrazyTalk player on your website by using your own buttons or images to create a customized user interface.

Change page content in sync with what your CrazyPal has to say!
Change images on the screen in time with what your CrazyPal is saying; Great for newsreaders, event readers, product introductions or as a tour guide

Interact with your users, playback different dialogs
User input can selectively change the CrazyPal's dialogue by switching CTS files. In this example pressing a button gives a random response.

Autoplay your character or allow users to click-and-play
Determining how our avatar loads and plays content on any website. Control can be automatic or user defined by easily changing some of the parameter values in the player code snippet.

Mouse and CrazyPal Interaction
Your CrazyPal can sense mouse activity within the component window. Use this to interact with your users loading on-demand talking files and controling the play or stop feature with mouseovers.

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