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CrazyTalk animated tutorials have been created to introduce you to the application, guide you through the creation process and provide you with a few tips along the way. Each tutorial focuses on a different portion of the authoring process and will help you towards creating entertaining messages.

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CrazyTalk 4.5 Media Studio Tutorials
Modify Existing Special Effects
Create Your Own Custom Special Effect and Thumbnail Image
Share Custom Special Effects
Create Continuous Object Animation with Several Special Effects
Create an Animated Object with Perfect Background Transparency - Photoshop example
Avatar Background Removal - Load an Image with Predefined Alpha Channel
Create and Import Animated Special Effects from Flash
CrazyTalk 4 Media Studio Tutorials
Introducing the Timeline Editor
Advanced Timeline Editing 1 - Voice & Facial Expression
Advanced Timeline Editing 2 - Special Effects & Head movement
Advanced Timeline Editing 3 - Eyes, Shoulders, Lip Shapes, and Background Audio
CrazyTalk 3.x Tutorials
Launching CrazyTalk's Editors
Now you can quickly access any of the CrazyTalk Editors with your Windows Start Menu. View the tutorial to learn how.

Exporting Windows Streaming Media (WMV) with CrazyTalk Web Edition
Learn how CrazyTalk Web Edition offers you the ability to export Windows Stream Media (WMV)

Using the CrazyTalk File Manager
Organize your CrazyContent file using the CrazyTalk file manager.

Creating AVI Movies with CrazyTalk
A quick introduction to help you export movies.

Send a CrazyCard
A quick introduction to help you get familiar with the icons and user interface of the CrazyCard Editor.
Send a CrazyMessenger
A quick introduction to help you get familiar with the icons and user interface of the CrazyMessenger Editor.


Version 2.x animated tutorials

Using the tools and icons to animate any photo
A quick introduction to help you get familiar with the icons and user interface of the Fitting Editor.

Basic techniques for fitting the wire mask
Fitting an image in a haphazard way will lead to a lot of frustration. View this tutorial to understand the correct steps to successfully fitting an image.
Tips for adjust eyes and voice of your CrazyPal
To get the most natural results you want to adjust the features and voice attributes of your Talking Image.

Using hot keys to adjust wire mask to your photos
We have designed the Hotkeys to speed up character creation, you are able to create a character without your fingers ever leaving the keyboard.

Using the Expression Editor
A quick introduction to help you get familiar with the icons and user interface of the Expression Editor.

Recording Your Own Voice
Recording your voice is the fastest way to create a personalized a message.

Sending a CrazyTalk message
How to send your talking message you have just created.


CrazyTalk Web Edition animated tutorials

CrazyTalk Web Editor
A quick introduction to help you get familiar with the icons and user interface of the Web Editor.

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<font color="#CCCCCC" face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2"> <p><CrazyTalk is an innovative and easy-to-use software tool for creating animated talking messages from any still digital image or digital photo. Images are brought to life by morphing and appearing to lip-synch with recordings of your own voice, imported audio files or text messages. Messages can be sent as animated greetings cards, instant talking messages, sent as talking email or as an interactive web assitant or virtual host></p> <a class="link_ct" href=""><View our Talking Image Gallery></a> <a class="link_ct" href=""><Download free trial of CrazyTalk Home Edition or CrazyTalk Web Edition></a><br> <a class="link_ct" href=""><View the CrazyTalk features which help to make your images talk by morphing and lip-syncing></a><br> <a class="link_ct" href=""><View the CrazyTalk Showcase which shows examples of how CrazyTalk can be used as an interactive host on your web site></a> <p><CrazyTalk Web Edition has all the features of the Home Edition with the addition of being able to create interactive talking content for your web site. Talking messages can be exported using .wmv & .rm streaming media formats which can be directly published on your website or imported into tools like FlashMX. For truly interactive content the ActiveX web player can be controlled by JavaScript giving you the ability to react to user driven events.> </p> </font>