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Welcome to the ultimate human interface, CrazyTalk 4.

The next evolution in human simulation animation, CrazyTalk 4 offers a wealth of features all supporting advancements never before seen in any prior CrazyTalk release. You will find that this is truly a completely new tool capable of delivering fully immersive animated talking human interfaces designed for professional digital video projects, home video production, and fully-interactive digital internet hosts. CrazyTalk is equipped for producing animated talking characters that can quickly be deployed to a variety of audiences.

Editing your CrazyTalk projects is a whole new experience with strong tools enabling complete control over every element of your talking character. The all new Timeline editor gives you access to a linear editing solution where you firmly can fine-tune the all new animation tracks featuring focused control over Voice, Face, SFX, Head movement, Shoulders, Eye movement, Lip shapes, and a second audio track for importing non-lipsynced music or other audio. Easy previewing and zoom editing make this feature a truly powerful timesaver .

Still operating on animation from a single photo, CrazyTalk's easy user interaction has not changed. The power of the features and quality of the final output has improved greatly and is why with great pleasure we now welcome you to the ultimate human interface, CrazyTalk 4.


Your photos are brought to life in amazing animation by fitting them with CrazyTalk's proprietary Facetrix, facial morphing technology. Sounds complicated, but CrazyTalk's tools make animating any photo or image extremely easy. Simply match the 4 control points of inside the fitting wizard to the corresponding facial features of your photo. Once the fitting process is complete, CrazyTalk's 3D expression morphing technology is able to apply unlimited expressions and gestures (such as smiling, frowning, crying and laughing) directly to the image.
CrazyTalk's then gives a voice to your photos by allowing them to lipsync with audio recordings and spoken text messages using the exclusive Expressix speech animation technology. You can even record your own voice using the built-in audio recording function and your PC microphone. The automatic lipsync can be precisely refined using the CrazyTalk Media Studio Timeline editor allowing you easy access to each lip shape key-frame for custom editing control. Further edit audio once imported or recorded to the Timeline with the Audio Morphing Filter capable of disguising any voice or allowing you to fine tune the voice parameters for a perfect vocal. Complete your project with music by adding an imported wav file to the new second layer audio track. Control the second audio track mix with your voiceover easily to create a complete spoken and atmospheric audio environment.
The CrazyTalk File Manager assists you in visually organizing your talking image & talking message collection in a single convenient location. You can create your own categories then cut, copy, paste and delete CrazyTalk content files. The CrazyTalk File Manager also includes a library of useful talking images and messages you can add your custom images and messages to. Preview your talking images easily with thumbnail previews of every CrazyTalk image. Grow your image and script file library and manage it with total control using the simple CrazyTalk File Manager library tools.
The CrazyTalk Media Studio gives you absolute control in a professional editing environment through the innovative linear Timeline editor. The Timeline editor holds access to each CrazyTalk animation track and their rollout parameters, including Voice, Facial expressions, SFX special effects, Head movement, Shoulder movement, eye control, lip shapes, and second layer audio for importing background music. This type of control gives you complete management of your CrazyTalk animation projects with familiar keyframe editing tools designed for ease-of-use.
All new exciting features like, Emotives and Special Effects (SFX) make your CrazyTalk creations even more satisfying and entertaining. The Emotives library is a set of complete animation track presets that allow you to master the Timeline in a single click. Emotives are mood based animation combinations of facial expressions and SFX all designed to portray a consistent theme when added to your project. For example, clicking a Happy Emotive will instantly prepare your talking project with various smiles, eye winks, SFX and other facial expressions all emphasing the happy mood, while still delivering multiple expressions for a more natural human performance.
Once your project is complete CrazyTalk offers all new support for popular video editing, website, and message output options. Now your CrazyTalk animations can be exported in full-screen digital video making is possible to use CrazyTalk with any video project for the home, office, or professional entertainment purposes. CrazyTalk's media output size is enhanced allowing you set custom video output ranging from small format video for distribution via the web or mobile projects ranging to high-resolution full screen NTSC or PAL full-screen video formats. Project's can be cropped to designate isolated area output or exported in full-view. Now your CrazyTalk creations can be used to the limits of your imagination.
The Internet Explorer web player puts your CrazyTalk creations into websites with the click of a button. Add animated talking guides to your website and see your webpage come to life delivering all new high-quality 2.5D animation allowing your website to jump off the computer screen in vividly compelling animation. Support all browsers and even Macintosh users by exporting your animated characters using streaming media web video in RealMedia and Windows Streaming Media formats.
Go on the road with CrazyTalk Mobile export features. Now creating mobile content for use on popular phones such as Nokia and Panasonic is simple using the Mobile export wizard inside CrazyTalk. Your mobile friends, family, and business partners can enjoy exciting mobile content created with CrazyTalk and optimized for sharing through MPEG4, MMS, and many mobile handsets.

Messaging with CrazyTalk is fun when you share CrazyTalk animated messages as personalized talking e-greeting cards and instant messengers. You can customize included cards and messenger frames by selecting unique design, writing text messages, importing background music or adding special effects.

You can send your talking messenger or card image in a variety of formats including HTML, self running .EXE file or an .AVI movie. Frame styles can be changed to fit your style and personality.


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<font color="#CCCCCC" face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2"> <p><CrazyTalk is an innovative and easy-to-use software tool for creating animated talking messages from any still digital image or digital photo. Images are brought to life by morphing and appearing to lip-synch with recordings of your own voice, imported audio files or text messages. Messages can be sent as animated greetings cards, instant talking messages, sent as talking email or as an interactive web assitant or virtual host></p> <a class="link_ct" href=""><View our Talking Image Gallery></a> <a class="link_ct" href=""><Download free trial of CrazyTalk Home Edition or CrazyTalk Web Edition></a><br> <a class="link_ct" href=""><View the CrazyTalk features which help to make your images talk by morphing and lip-syncing></a><br> <a class="link_ct" href=""><View the CrazyTalk Showcase which shows examples of how CrazyTalk can be used as an interactive host on your web site></a> <p><CrazyTalk Web Edition has all the features of the Home Edition with the addition of being able to create interactive talking content for your web site. Talking messages can be exported using .wmv & .rm streaming media formats which can be directly published on your website or imported into tools like FlashMX. For truly interactive content the ActiveX web player can be controlled by JavaScript giving you the ability to react to user driven events.> </p> </font>