CrazyTalk4 Frequently Asked Questions

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1) Why can't I download the program?
2) Why does this error message (see below) always pop up during installation process?
Online Verification Failed!
Setup is unable to retrieve the information from internet to validate your serial number.
The problem may occur due to the internet connection failure, DNS recognition problem, or the firewall blocking.
If you do have internet access, please retry installation on a later time.
Setup will be terminated.
3) How to install CrazyTalk component?

Software Spec.

1) What is the difference between trial and full version?
2) Does CrazyTalk support Mac version?
3) Is there any image size limitation?
4) How long of the time can I recode voice?
5) Does CrazyTalk web output support Firefox or other browser?
5) What is the difference between Media Studio, Live and Messenger Edition?

Software Usage

1) Can I make my own images talk?
2) Where can I find the custom script and model file?
3) Why the model file size is larger than the original image which I imported?
4) How can I convert CrazyTalk3 content to CrazyTalk4?
5) How can I select a session to apply an expression like previous version?


1) How can I get more TTS voice?
2) Why did I get an error message "No TTS drivers or soundcard" after clicking "Text-To-Speech" button?
3) Can I use any voice or a language other than English?

Exporting & Application

1) I have problems sending the CrazyCard or recipients receive no email, no file attachment or many single file attachments.
2) Exporting HTML works on my Desktop, but the screen is blank after FTPing to my website.
3) Mobile page can output .3gp file, but how can I play .3gp file on PC?
4) My friend cannot see the CrazyTalk messenger which I sent. How should they do to see it if they don't install CrazyTalk?
5) How to put my CrazyTalk output file on the website?


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<font color="#CCCCCC" face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2"> <p><CrazyTalk is an innovative and easy-to-use software tool for creating animated talking messages from any still digital image or digital photo. Images are brought to life by morphing and appearing to lip-synch with recordings of your own voice, imported audio files or text messages. Messages can be sent as animated greetings cards, instant talking messages, sent as talking email or as an interactive web assitant or virtual host></p> <a class="link_ct" href=""><View our Talking Image Gallery></a> <a class="link_ct" href=""><Download free trial of CrazyTalk Home Edition or CrazyTalk Web Edition></a><br> <a class="link_ct" href=""><View the CrazyTalk features which help to make your images talk by morphing and lip-syncing></a><br> <a class="link_ct" href=""><View the CrazyTalk Showcase which shows examples of how CrazyTalk can be used as an interactive host on your web site></a> <p><CrazyTalk Web Edition has all the features of the Home Edition with the addition of being able to create interactive talking content for your web site. Talking messages can be exported using .wmv & .rm streaming media formats which can be directly published on your website or imported into tools like FlashMX. For truly interactive content the ActiveX web player can be controlled by JavaScript giving you the ability to react to user driven events.> </p> </font>