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Interactive Plug-in for
CrazyTalk7 PRO

The CrazyTalk Interactive Plug-in is an add-on for developers to easily use avatars as web hosts. It can also add human interaction to simulated training and business presentations. This plug-in is designed to export web-and-app-friendly avatar data from CrazyTalk, to use in the CrazyTalk web players (designed using Unity). It also comes with a practical collection of JavaScript code samples that can help designers seamlessly add avatar interaction with the ease of copy & paste.

Relationship between CrazyTalk7 PRO and Interactive Plug-in

CrazyTalk is the world’s most popular facial animation tool that anyone can use to custom create professional talking avatars, producing animated talking scripts with vivid facial expressions and lip-syncs in fine detail. With the release of the new Interactive Plug-In, web designers can now batch export avatar assets such as actors, talking scripts, idle motions and projects to host them in their own servers, while freely integrating with their own unique web designs thanks to the CrazyTalk Avatar APIs.

Unique Benefits

Own Property

Interactive Design

Cross Platform

No watermarks, no monthly fees. The CrazyTalk Interactive Plug-In gives users full ownership over their design assets. Users can seamlessly integrate unique avatar solutions into any web site, and self host the CrazyTalk web player with their own logos and brands. With the CrazyTalk Avatar APIs, users can create interactive web apps. Besides talking avatar, users can add logos, change backgrounds, overlay graphics, and add hyper links for a complete customer experience. The CrazyTalk Interactive Plug-in works with the Unity engine, allowing users to design apps for various platform such as PC and Mac, along with mobile platforms - iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

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