Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to CrazyTalk6 FAQ where you can find all the frequently asked questions about products and technical issues. If you cannot find the answer, please complete the Customer Support Form for product related questions, or email us for online sales related questions.

Download & Installation

1. Why can't I download the program?
2. Why does this error message (see below) always pop up during installation process?
Online Verification Failed!
Setup is unable to retrieve the information from internet to validate your serial number.
The problem may occur due to the internet connection failure, DNS recognition problem, or the firewall blocking.
If you do have internet access, please retry installation on a later time.
Setup will be terminated.
3. I have DirectX 9.0c / DirectX 10 on my computer, but CrazyTalk6 cannot launch, instead giving me the message "This application has failed to start because d3dx9_3x.dll was not found".

Software Specification

1. What is the difference between the Trial and Full version?
2. Is there a Mac compatible version for CrazyTalk?
3. Is CrazyTalk6 compatible with iClone3?
4. Are the avatars generated by CrazyTalk6 usable in CrazyTalk for Skype, CrazyTalk Cam Suite or Creative Live! Cam Avatar?
5. Is there any image size limitation?
6. What is the maximum supported length of imported audio clips and voice recordings?

Software Usage

1. Why are none of my models displayed correctly in CrazyTalk6?
2. How many heads can I animate with CrazyTalk6?
3. Where can I find the custom script and model file?
4. How can I convert the contents in CrazyTalk4 or CrazyTalk5 to CrazyTalk6?
5. Does the “Drag and Zoom” tool work on the Script Page?
6. Why do I get the following warning message when I try to add a Script to my models?
7. Why are my character’s lips not properly synched to my audio file?
8. Why is there a duplicate of / gray frame around my character when I move it using the Transform/Scale/Rotate features?
9. Why does my script not playback in its entirety while on the Script page?
10. How do I update a custom file in the gallery with my current one?
11. Does CrazyTalk6 have Messenger or Greeting Card output formats?
12. Why is my CrazyTalk6 not starting?

Text-To-Speech (TTS)

1. How can I get more TTS voice?
2. Why did I get this error message: "No TTS drivers or sound card" after I clicked "Text-To-Speech" button?
3. Can I use any voice or a language other than English?
4. How to install TTS engine for CrazyTalk use?

Export & Application

1. Does CrazyTalk6 have an output format for mobile devices?
2. How do I activate the MP4 codec?
3. Where can I use the iWidget export format?
4. When I export a large sized avi file, it has a sync problem during playback. How can I fix it?
5. Why can't I play the RM or WMV file within the html file via Firefox?
6. Why can’t I watch my embedded RealMedia video on my web page in Internet Explorer 8?
7. Why can’t I see my YouTube video after uploading?
8. Why doesn’t my WebAvatar show up on my web page?

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