CrazyTalk6 Getting Started - Video Tutorials

Welcome to CrazyTalk6 Training Resource Home! You can follow the video tutorials below to quickly get familiar with CrazyTalk6. You can also click "Online Help" for more product knowledge or print out the training materials by downloading CrazyTalk6 "Manual" and "Reference Guide" (PDF).

 Click to view all the available CrazyTalk training videos in YouTube.

Live Demo Tutorial - How to make an image talk (Part1) | (Part2)
Live Demo Tutorial - How to make an animated dialogue
Live Demo Tutorial - How to create animated comics (Part1) | (Part2)
Master Puppeteering Class - How to conduct professional puppeteering

*Most tutorials are recording by using PRO version, but basic software operations are the same in both PRO & Standard version. Please do refer to the version comparison to know the differences between PRO & Standard.

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