CrazyTalk5 Full Feature Matrix
CrazyTalk5 PRO
Intuitive graphical user interface
Embedded Image editing tools for photo enhancement
Preview window to immediately see/hear file content
CrazyTalk File Manager to organize your talking image and talking message collection
Enhanced character and script content
One click editing of existing CrazyTalk content
Preference settings
Enhanced facial mesh for variety of face types to better fit different character facial contour
Convert photos into live talking 3D heads
CrazyTalk5 PRO
Create talking images from your own photo collection
Import any .jpg or .bmp format image files
Import any .png, .tga, or 32-bit .bmp format images files for alpha channel to enhance background mask editing
Import images from TWAIN devices
Bond your photos with CrazyTalk's proprietary morphing facial wireframe
9 Face Profile Styles for non-human characters
Auto, basic, and advanced face fitting modes
Photo crop and rotate tools
Image color enhancement tool - smart color, brightness, contrast, hue and saturation
Change wireframe color for easy visibility
Group selection allowing simultaneous movement of multiple points
Mouth close option to snap top and bottom lips together
3D head and shoulder animation for realistic effect
Zoom function to aid precise fitting
Feature enhancement panel to match virtual eye color with original synthetic eyes. Eye library, teeth library, adjustment of feature size, color and location.
Mouth texture color options to provide a realistic looking mouth
Apply custom image for the eyes and teeth texture to perfectly match character personality
Background removal and replacement, with full featured masking tool
Save facial fitting data as Face JPEG, which contains fitting information in the JPEG file for cross program or platform compatibility
Create and save unlimited talking characters
Apply default standby motions for realistic animation
Create talking characters with text and voice audio
CrazyTalk5 PRO
Create your own talking message by recording your own voice
Import wave files or use the built-in audio record function
Natural voice & Text-to-Speech voice modes
SAPI 4 & 5 Text-to-Speech (TTS)
Automatic phoneme analysis
Set volume, pitch, and speed voice attributes in Text-to-Speech (TTS)
Preview a portion or entire message
Emotive presets for mood based animation
Special effects for image overlays and character disguises
Motion Clips to add instant expressions to the Timeline including full face, eye, head, and SFX track performance
Record real-time facial puppeteering and save it in layers as Motion Clips storing all the data for every facial feature animated during the live puppet session.
SFX are allowed to be swapped between foreground and background  
Text bubble SFX with comic captions and titling effects  
Precision editing tools for fine-tuning talking animation
CrazyTalk5 PRO
Import audio file for background music
Total linear animation track control featuring tools for professional animation output  
Custom facial expression editing tools featuring slider controls over each facial muscle  
Expression, special effects, head, shoulder and viseme (mouth shape) tracks, expressiveness strength control  
Quick editing, users can group select, copy and paste, shift animation key location, strength directly from the timeline  
Special effects overlay controls and editing tools  
Advanced fine- tuning: double click animation tracks on the Timeline editor to evoke track feature menu boxes and adjust the parameters  
Timeline editor is fully compatible for editing CTS files importable as talking character speech and facial animation for Reallusion iClone

*Note: CrazyTalk5 PRO is compatible with iClone3 (PRO & Standard)
Real-time Face Puppet Animation
CrazyTalk5 PRO
User mouse or handheld device to puppet character animation in real-time while playing back the recorded audio
5 default puppet profiles, including Wicked, Goofy, Youthful, Attractive and Grumpy, define instant personality performance for puppeteering
6 emotion styles to display the character's attitudes, including general, smiley, angry, sad, happy, scared
Head Orientation and tilting
Camera system to zoom character with free head zoom and rotation
Solo feature control panel for precise puppet performance  
Multi-media Output
CrazyTalk5 PRO
Export Targa (TGA) alpha channel for perfect video composition
Full screen digital video output NTSC and PAL
Custom video size output
Custom web media output size
Mobile 3GP output for mobile handsets
Export in Streaming Video format Windows Media and Real Media (WMV and RM) for easy download web content.
Export in RealMedia streaming format (.RM) for publishing on your website
Export .BMP sequence as raw content for import into 3rd party animation tools
Export .WAV file
Flash FLV video with custom standby motion included
Custom YouTube 320*240 video size to share and upload through YouTube
Large Size for 720p HD and 1080p HD size output  
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<font color="#CCCCCC" face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2"> <p><CrazyTalk is an innovative and easy-to-use software tool for creating animated talking messages from any still digital image or digital photo. Images are brought to life by morphing and appearing to lip-synch with recordings of your own voice, imported audio files or text messages. Messages can be sent as animated greetings cards, instant talking messages, sent as talking email or as an interactive web assitant or virtual host></p> <a class="link_ct" href=""><View our Talking Image Gallery></a> <a class="link_ct" href=""><Download free trial of CrazyTalk Home Edition or CrazyTalk Web Edition></a><br> <a class="link_ct" href=""><View the CrazyTalk features which help to make your images talk by morphing and lip-syncing></a><br> <a class="link_ct" href=""><View the CrazyTalk Showcase which shows examples of how CrazyTalk can be used as an interactive host on your web site></a> <p><CrazyTalk Web Edition has all the features of the Home Edition with the addition of being able to create interactive talking content for your web site. Talking messages can be exported using .wmv & .rm streaming media formats which can be directly published on your website or imported into tools like FlashMX. For truly interactive content the ActiveX web player can be controlled by JavaScript giving you the ability to react to user driven events.> </p> </font>