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Available below are upgrade patches and packs to ensure you have the latest version of CrazyTalk Animator 2 product installed. A version history is included so you can better understand the new features added or issues solved within a specific release.
  • Official Release Version: 2.02 (v2.02.1406.1)
  • Release Date: 2014-02-17
  • Language: English Version
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    CrazyTalk Animator 2.02 (v2.02.1406.1) update patch

    Format: .exe
    Last update on 17th February 2014.
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    - CrazyTalk Animator 2 PRO
    - G2 Power Tools Vol.1


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    CrazyTalk Animator 2 Version History

    v2.02 (2.02.1406.1) released 17th February-14

    Function Added:

    • Added “Apply All” for “Copy Similar” in Sprite Editor in Composer Mode.
    • Added “Turn to Multi-angle Character” in Composer for character creation with single angle source.
    • Added “Load Pose Swf Files” for DrawPlus G2 Character creation workflow.
    Function Enhanced:
    • Allow continuous application when Copy Similar is pressed in the Sprite Editor in Composer Mode.
    Content Updated:
    • Fixed: Fixed “YAY!” profile makes body and head separate in body Puppeteering.
    • Fixed: Action Menu>Water_3D cannot apply some action (Stand_phone_start/loop/end).
    • Fixed the visual defect in 3D Motion>Dance_Ballet.
    Bug Fixed:
    • Fixed Continuously applying .ctFCS to G2 characters causes occasional crash.
    • Fixed Check for Update, program data not sent to server correctly.
    • Fixed: Fix possible crash in 2D Motion Key Editing for character with accessory.
    • Fixed: PopVideo default value not set as Loop during playback.
    • Fixed: Using rotation tool in Human-IK Editing sometimes results in two views not synced.
    • Fixed Super Sampling doesn’t work for small size output.
    • Fixed when camera mode is Orthographic 3D view changes along with output size.
    • Fixed Transparency issues with PNG/TGA/PopVideo Export.
    • Fixed: Object track is sometimes not shown in Timeline track menu.
    • Fixed: Possible crash when using 3D Motion Layer Transition curve within a 2D Motion Clip.
    • Fixed: Some SWF files with large image sizes cannot be saved in CrazyTalk Animator.
    • Fixed: Incorrect Left & Right arm motion results when 2D Motion Clip applied.
    • Fixed Possible surplus lines appear at the edge of transparent objects once graphic card’s Mipmap is set to active.
    • Fixed: Failed to edit Upper Torso image by using Launch External Image.
    • Fixed: Accessory offset during character reload.
    • Fixed: Head motion not cleared when right click menu>Remove Motion function is used on a Motion Clip in timeline.

    v2.01 (2.01.1231.1) released 31st December-13

    • Fixed: Possible crash with some UAC settings when selecting a puppet profile.
    • Fixed: Program crash and close when Actor Puppet panel opened.
    • Fixed: Program crash under certain conditions when performing face fitting.
    • Fixed: Audio not updated when Undo/Redo is used in Composer.
    • Fixed: World axis disappears when exporting video and images.
    • Fixed: Remove Animation & Reset commands close motion tool panel.
    • Fixed: Loading DRM iMotion & Flattening or Exporting 3D Motions causes occasional crash.
    • Fixed: Motion length incorrect when using Collect Clip command that includes facial motion.
    • Fixed: Double-click in Camera transform track causes objects to disappear from 3D view.
    • Fixed: Certain G2 characters fail to maintain render style color changes when reloaded.
    • Fixed: Cannot sync the audio keys between Audio modify panel and Timeline track.
    • Fixed: Cannot preview the calibration of “ALL” and “EYE Blink” in Face Fitting Editor.
    • Fixed: Inconsistent animation key priority between the Face & Lips tracks.
      - Facial track priority should be: Sprite Switch > Viseme > Facial Expression.
    • Fixed: Cannot add camera key when double-clicking on the camera track in the Timeline.
    • Fixed: Objects or characters will disappear if the default camera key (frame 1) is deleted.
    • Fixed: The position of Joint Masks will be reset after changing a body sprite.
    • Fixed: Morph-based head texture update failure after launching texture in external image editor.
    • Fixed: Opacity key cannot be updated instantly on the opacity track in the Timeline.
    • Fixed: The on-screen display will not show correctly after Windows restore.
    • Fixed: Program crash when accessing Content Manager due to User Account Control settings.
    • Fixed: Safe Area shows abnormal blue grids.
    • Fixed: Occasional program freeze when launching from the login menu.
    • Fixed: Play Bar indicator freeze.
    • Fixed: Hotkeys unavailable during Facial Puppet recording and preview.
    • Fixed: Left & right eye operation not synched during Facial Puppet.
    • Fixed: Animation data error may occur when stop is pressed at frame 1.
    • Fixed: Animation data error may occur when Default Pose is pressed at frame 1 from the 2D Key Editor.
      - This may result in faulty and unexpected motion issues if further motion editing is performed.
      - To remedy, select character and press the ‘Ctrl-Alt-F’ hotkey to validate the data.


    v2.0 (2.0.1214.1) released 16th December-13

    Prvious Versions >

    v1.2 (1.2.2010.1) released 18th August-11

    • Added: SWF output.
      - See the online help for details
      - See the benefits & applications
    • Added: Increased audio limitation to 8 character voices (original was 4).
    • Fixed: Feet sliding issue in the Actor Key Editor.
    • Fixed: Motion Keys disappeared after ungrouping motion clips in the Timeline.
    • Fixed: Prop command issue after props were attached in the Composer Mode.
    • Fixed: MP4 quality issue during export.

    v1.11 (1.11.1614.1) released 18th April-11

    • Added: Support for Virtual Machine on Mac.
    • Added: Supersampling in export function. (elimination of jagged/pixelated edges)
    • Fixed: Crash issue when applying Facial Components from the Face Library.
    • Fixed: Motions disappear after ungrouping motions in the timeline.
    • Fixed: Thumbnail display replacement issue in the Sprite Editor.

    v1.1 (1.1.1516.2) released 23th March-11

    • Added: Layer editing in Scene Manager.
    • Added: Save motion option with custom layer key.
    • Added: Multiple props selection with merge function.
    • Added: Flexibility on project timeline editing. Able to delete or insert frames into a Project.
    • Added: Able to scale the window size for Face and Body Fitting.
    • Added: New connection points to a character for auto snapping when exchanging content.
    • Added: For the convenience of the users, we changed the policy to allow for up to TWO simultaneous installations on separate computers. The policy remains a “single-user license”. Permanent use on more than one computer will require an additional license.
    • Enhanced: Action Menu Editor with full editing features including; add, remove, rename and sort.
    • Enhanced: Better Performance on Switching Modules such as; Key Editor, Face/Motion Puppet, Character Composer and Load Project.
    • Enhanced: SWF file compatibility.
    • Enhanced: Motion Layer for Sprite Switching - the Sprite Switch timeline interface is enhanced by using effect ranges to replace keys; now the Sprite Switch track will have the highest priority as it will overwrite sprite animation in other tracks.
    • Enhanced: SWF file compatibility with vector image rendering resolution so it can result in smooth vector curve after rendering export.
    • Changed: Content purchase entrance now moved from Backstage application to the Reallusion City Marketplace.
    • Fixed: Prop layer order issue.
    • Fixed: Sound issue of videos exported with popvideo prop inside.

    v1.01 (1.01.1208.1) released 8th December-10

    • Fixed: Large-sized textures that caused the application to crash while in Detail body mode during Actor Fitting.
    • Fixed: Update- Machine ID security mechanism.
    • Fixed: Could not use the Space key to preview inside the Puppeteering panel under special conditions.
    • Fixed: Picking Image Layers inside the Scene Manager would cause the application to crash while in 3D view mode.
    • Fixed: Too many Timeline Tracks caused a slow playback.
    • Fixed: Eyes became blank after Facial Fitting with some old ATI graphic cards.
    • Enhanced: Enhanced timeline resource control, to avoid overhead during CPU loading