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Home > CrazyTalk Animator 2 > Edition Comparison
CrazyTalk Animator 2 is available in three editions: Standard, PRO and Pipeline. You may refer to the following info and comparison table to choose the edition that best suits your needs.


Use Content

Standard edition is suitable for user without prior animation experience, as they can simply use the content library without detailed customization.  


Modify Content

PRO edition is designed for animation enthusiasts that need precise timeline editing and custom media importing for content modification.


Custom Content

Pipeline edition is designed for animators and studios, that already work with Flash and other 3D tools. They can import custom characters and motion files from iClone and external tools via 3DXchange.

Major Features Standard PRO Pipeline
Character Face Photo Fitting
Create Multi-dimension Character Using the Embedded Library
Create Multi-dimension Character by Replacing Body Parts  
Customize Your Own Multi-dimension Character from One Template    
Actor Proportion Modification
Run-time Composer  
Apply Multiple Render Style
Adjust Render Style by Color Modification for Different Body Groups  
Create Your Own Characters Compatible with Multiple Render Style    
Animation 2D Facial & Body Puppeteering
Advanced 2D Puppeteering Adjustment  
2D Motion Key Editing
Advanced 2D Motion Editing for Sub Tracks  
3D Motion Editing (HumanIK)  
Free Form Deformation
Timeline Basic Timeline Editing
Advanced Timeline Key Editing -
Copy, paste, move key, clip loop & speed control
Advanced Timeline Animation Editing -
Motion Curve, Time Warp
2D Timeline Animation Editing -
Sprite Switch, 2D Motion Key, Layer Order
3D Timeline Animation Editing -
3D Motion Layer, Angle Key
Full Timeline Sub-track Controls
(Detailed Tracks for Individual Body Segments)
Save Custom Motion Clips from Timeline (Collect Clip)  
Import & Export Import Image (JPG, BMP, GIF, TGA, PNG)
Import Video (AVI, WMV, popVideo) - PC only
Import Audio (MP3, WAV)
Import Chromakey Video (popVideo) - PC only
Import Flash (SWF)
Import iMotion* (from iClone), BVH/FBX (via 3DXchange)    
Export Image Sequence (JPG, BMP, PNG, TGA)
Export FLV with HTML code - PC only
Export Video (WMV, AVI, MP4, popVideo) - PC only
Export Transparent video (MOV PRoRes 4444) - Mac only
Full Screen HD Output
3D Stereo Output
Capture PNG/ Animated GIF**
Other Character Pipeline White Paper (PDF X 1)
Character Pipeline Templates and Tools
(FLA x 1, SWF x 1, ctMotion x 1, xls x 1)
Content Compatibility G1 Single Dimension Character (0°, 315°, .ctactor)
G1 2D Motion (0°, 315°; .ctmotion)
G2 Multi-dimension Character (10 angles, .ctactor)
G2 2D Motion (Choose from any of the 10 Angles; .ctmotion)
G2 3D Motion (.ct3dmotion)  
Price   $49.95 $179.95 $299.95

*iClone is required to work with this feature in CrazyTalk Animator 2 Pipeline edition.

**For PC users, it is compatible with Microsoft office 2010 or later.

    For Mac users, it is compatible with Microsoft office 2008 or later, and Keynote 6.2 or later.