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Advanced Timeline & Key Frame Editing

  • Move, Copy, and Paste keys; extend, loop and group motion clips together
  • Key frame editing for opacity, transform, visibility, link, path animation, sprite switching and flipping with blending effects
  • Motion Layering allows layer additions over existing motions
  • Flexibility to use main track for quick key management, and sub tracks for detailed joint movements
  • Animate body motion tracks with up to 16 individual body segment tracks with facial motion tracks that are divided into voice scripts, morph and sprite-based categories
  • Dock, undock timeline to well fit your editing environment
  • Move and scale your character using transform keys and switch body parts using replacement keys
  • Control your body animation with key, switch key and motion clip in detail
  • Control your facial animation with key, switch key and motion clip in detail
  • Loop or extend the motion clip to repeat the animation and control the speed
  • Change the transition speeds between two adjacent keys or clips by setting keys or adding clips into different tracks
  • Alter the clip with dynamic speeds to change the quickness of motion or animation
  • By using the Align and Align Whole Clip to help you solve the sliding issues that usually happens from time to time when you assign motions to a character