iClone Content Specifications

What Are iClone Content Specifications?

iClone Content Specifications are icons designed for users to quickly and easily understand the specifications of every iClone content. The icon might include the following information:

1. the definition of the content type
2. the purpose and nature of the content
3. the polygon or texture size of the content
4. where to save or load the content in iClone

iClone Native Content  

iClone Native Content is either designed in-house by Reallusion, or by our professional partners to guarantee the program compatibility and usability.

iClone Native design standard includes exchangeable body parts for character, unwrap UV ready for texture modification, editable skin tone, well aligned pivot and proper initial placement, correct in size, material setting, etc.

Theme Pack

iClone Theme Pack contains various items include characters, accessories, motions, props or scenes, well arragned in the same category ready for filmmaking. eg. Theme Packs for Modern City Series and Fantasy Series.

iClone G1 Character (for iClone 1.0 or above)

iClone Character is compliant to iClone G1 (Generation One) character standards, with unique modeling rules for body style, exchangeable outfit design, and skin-bone rigging ready for morphing, posing and animation.

Users can customize characters by changing the head, hair, lower body, upper body, shoes, and accessories. Users can also redefine skin color and modify texture with UV reference and shape character bodies.

After installation, users can locate Character packs in Avatar > Character > Template; User can also access individual body parts or accessories in their respective folders.

iClone G2 Character

Refined from previous G1 Character, G2 Character is the 2nd generation of iClone Standard Human Character with average of 20000 face counts.

Users can customize characters by changing the head, hair, lower body, upper body, shoes, and accessories. Users can also redefine skin color and modify texture with UV reference and shape character bodies.

G3 Character

With fewer face count (Average 20000 face counts for G2, Average 15000 face counts for G3), and better body build.

Total support of normal map to show skin texture.

Smoother skin.
G5 Character (Supported by iClone 5.0 or above)

iClone G5 Character is constructed by standard bones in 3DsMax and provides more natural human motions.

There are also improved mesh in teeth and eye balls that give G5 character a more realistic appearance.

After installation, users can access the G5 Characters in Avatar > Character > Template > G5 Character subfolders.
G6 Character (Beta) (Supported by iClone 6.0 or above)

The iClone G6 character is made of a single piece mesh with refined edge flow topology. The total mesh count sits around a comfortably efficient 30k triangles. Enhanced with morph-based facial expressions, facial animations now look way more natural than the former bone rig solution. Skin and cloth materials are also enhanced by highly detailed normal and specular maps.

After installation, users can access the G6 Characters in Avatar > Character > Template > G6 Character subfolders.

Non-Standard Human Character (Body Ready Character)

Non-Standard Human Characters have either the same iClone bone structure or have been characterized for iClone Motion bone, and is able to use iClone motion editing tools, like Mixed Moves, Motion Puppet, Edit Motion Layer and Device Mocap like Kinect. It can also apply iClone human motions from embedded motions or from Content Store and Marketplace. The Non-Standard Human Character is not created from iClone Character Template; therefore it has no facial expression, or without exchangeable body parts as iClone Standard Character.
Non-Standard Human Character (Facial & Body Ready Character)

Non-Standard Human Characters have the same capabilities of Non-Standard Human Characters with the addition of facial expressions and speech support. In addition, up to six custom expressions can be found in the puppeteering section of iClone. Facial characters can utilize morph targets in combination with bone driven animations. Morph targets can extend beyond the face to change the proportions of the body.

To be qualified as a Facial Ready Character, it should be able to do head rotate, look at, lip-sync (viseme) and facial muscle movements when applying facial puppet in iClone.

Non-Human Character (Creature Base)

None Human Character has its own unique bone structure that is different from iClone Standard Character or None Standard Human Character. It contains its own unique Animations and Motion Bones that belong to the character with IK motion editing system. You can open the Edit Motion menu by right clicking on the creature base. Also, you can easily attach accessories to any bone segment. Users can also redefine skin color and modify texture with UV reference. Like None Standard Human Character, Non Human character has no facial expression puppeteering and can not change its Face, Upper body, Lower body and shoes either.

iClone Clone Cloth Character (Supported by iClone 2.0 or above)

iClone Clone Cloth Character provides dual layers of Cloth mesh: the skin layer and the cloth layer. Simply modify the opacity texture with any image editor and users can design as many different clothing styles as they can imagine.

Each Clone Cloth character includes an individual Template Map with guided color contour lines allowing easy custom outfit creation. It also comes with a set of textures, ready for you to save as a new character.

The additional texture images for CloneCloth characters are saved as diffuse and opacity textures for G2 CloneCloth and as Material balls for G3 CloneCloth and above.

CloneCloth Character is based on each generation of iClone Standard Character (G2, G3, G5 and etc.), body part exchange between different generations is not allowed.

iClone Head

iClone Head is fully compliant to the head shape standard with correct fitting on facial features. Users are able to apply facial animation, facial deformation, color cosmetics, auto lipsync through audio input, emotional effects, and load CrazyTalk talking script file (CTS) for refined emotional and talking animation.

iClone Head can be generated by the iClone Head Fitting module, with either front face or profile (side-facing) images

After installation, users can locate Head packs in Head > Faces > Template.

iClone Hair

iClone Hair is compliant to iClone head bone scale and displacement standard. Once assigned, hair will auto attach to the head, and move along with the character. Users can easily do color adjustment and multi-texture editing with iClone Hair.

After installation, users can locate Hair packs in Avatar > Hair > Template.

iClone Gesture

iClone Still Hand Gesture packs work for both iClone G1 and G2 characters. Users can access the library from Animation > Hands Gallery to apply hand gestures to both hands, or right click on the left hand (or the right hand) track in the timeline editor to define a still gesture sequence for left (or right) hand independently.

iClone Ani Gesture

iClone Animated Hand Gesture packs work for both iClone G1 and G2 characters. Users can right click on the left hand (or the right hand) track in the timeline editor to define motion sequence for left (or right) hand independently.

iClone Motion

iClone Motion is compliant to iClone character bone structure and based on motion capture of natural human motions. Users can apply iClone Motion to both iClone G1 and G2 characters and directly edit motions in Motion Editor.

After installation, users can locate Motion packs in Animation > Motion > Template > subfolder.

iClone MixMoves

The iClone MixMoves pack includes many naturally blended clips that allows you to blend two motions together in order to have a smooth, life-like transition between them. For example when an avatar is standing, users can activate the “Crawling” command in the MixMoves system, this will allow iClone to compute natural transition motions that will make the avatar kneel down before automatically engaging into a crawling posture.

After installation, users can locate the pack in Animation > Motion > MixMoves.
All the motion clips will be located in the Animation > Motion > Content Manger > Subfolder.

iClone (Character) Texture

Based on iClone character body styles, iClone Texture gives the same body a new look. The texture UV design is compliant to iClone character texturing system. Several texture channels such as diffuse, opacity, reflection, glow, bump or normal, can be included in Texture pack. Users can load textures in their respective Modify panel, or load well textured character in Avatar > Character page.

When one character is made by several body parts, users can also locate the new textured body parts in Avatar > Character > upper body, lower body, and shoe pages.

iClone Accessory

iClone Accessories is compliant to iClone characters with proper scale design and allows direct attachment to target character elements, such as head, hands, torso, and legs. iClone Accessory can move along with character, eg. a hat on the head, a sword held in the hand, a necklace wrapped around the character's neck, etc.

After installation, users can locate Accessory pack in Avatar > Accessory > Template.

iClone iAccessory

iClone Accessories is complementary assets to iClone characters, which have proper scale and design that allows direct attachment to target character elements, such as heads, hands, torsos, and legs. iClone Accessories will move along with character’s animation, eg. a hat worn on the character’s head, a sword held in hand, a necklace wrapped around the character's neck, etc.

The iAccssories come with AML. When a character uses this accessory, the character will be given additional motions and interaction animations.

iClone 3D Props

iClone 3D Props are optimized for polygon count and texture size.   

3D Props are made with predefined UV which users can easily modify the appearance by following the texture with UV reference. It comes with predefined pivot for animation, and usually with proper ground initial alignment.

3D Props also contains idle animation pre-made with many 3D modeling tools. Users can merge several props to form new props inside the preview window.

After installation, users can locate 3D Props pack in Scene > Props > Template.

iClone Live Props 

iClone 3D Live Props contain 3D props with embedded animation segments. It is usually used to contain multiple animation clips to represent the multiple movements of a living creature.

The behavior of Live Props can be set in the timeline by right clicking and selecting target animation clips, eg. a horse can run, trot, breath, gallop, jump, etc. It can also define idle motion in loop to provide a live mode in stand-by status.

After installation, users can locate 3D LiveProps pack in Scene > Props > Template > 3D LiveProps subfolder.


You can use keyboard and mouse to control the behavior and animation of these interactive props including the interaction between iProp and Avatar.

These iProps include the interactive stage which you can use keyboard to switch the lighting effects in Director Mode, sofa which Avatar can sit or lie on, or vehicles which can be ridden.

iProp contains DramaScript which describes its behavior in addition to the original model, material, and animation data to accomplish the interactive behavior.

iClone LivePlants (Supported by iClone 2.0 or above) 

Real-time optimized foliage displays multiple trees, flowers and grass, simultaneously adding natural moving life to 3D scenes. LivePlants can sway along with wind for dynamic display. High-resolution rendering enhances close-up shots, revealing LivePlants high level of detail. The viewing distance alters the level of detail for efficient rendering.

Each type of plant has texture size of 2048x2048, require larger file size for 3D Scene with LivePlants data. Pixel shader required for rendering.

After installation, users can access LivePlants in Scene > 3D Scene > Template > LivePlants.

Live Plants 2 (Supported by iClone 6.0 or above) 

Live Plants 2 is content made with Speedtree 6, and all plantlife includes multiple texture channels including diffuse, normal and specular maps, to give a more detailed look and higher amount of material realism.

Different species of plants now react accordingly to different wind settings and have smooth transitions from one strength level to another. In addition, users can now use the timeline to key-in wind changes from still, to gentle, to hurricane speed!

After installation, users can locate the Tree pack in the Tree > Template path.

iClone 3D Blocks

iClone 3D Blocks include simple 3D primitives, such as cube, sphere, cylinder, etc. Users can XYZ move, scale, or rotate 3D blocks, or merge several 3D Blocks into a new Merged Prop.

3D Blocks contains unwrap UV info easy for custom texture mapping to target face. Users can easily apply multiple texturing effects, or freely tile, offset or rotate texture on the 3D Blocks.

The texture library for iClone 3D Blocks is in the following folder:

C:\Program Files\Reallusion\iClone 2\Template\iClone Template\Texture

After installation, users can locate 3D Blocks pack in Scene > Props Page > Template > 3D Blocks subfolder.

iClone 3D Surface

iClone 3D Surface is made by 3D planes (3D objects without thickness), either flat or with curves. It is extremely low polygon and offers high design flexibility.

Users can use 3D Surfaces to represent plants, paper, tracks, foot prints, cloth, or curtains, etc.

Texture-wise, it can contain diffuse, bump, transparency, reflection, and glow maps. Users can simply redefine the shape of any 3D surface by using the opacity mask.

Animation data can also be embedded in the 3D Surface object.

After installation, users can locate 3D Surface packs in Scene > Props > Template > 3D Surface subfolder.

iClone Flying Surface

iClone Flying Surface is made by 3D planes (3D objects without thickness), either flat or with curves. It's made by 2-side low polygon mesh, and includes motion clips which allow soft surface animation in timeline. Users can use Flying Surfaces to represent floating flags, banners, hair, cloth, curtains, etc. The natural movement in various wind strength can greatly add life to any 3D scene. By applying opacity masks users can alter the shape of Flying Surfaces. Users can utilize the multi-texturing features such as diffuse, bump, reflection, and glow  map to further define the material quality.  

After installation, users can locate Flying Surface packs in Scene > Props > Template > Flying Surface subfolder.
iClone 2D Scene

iClone 2D Scene is the image set as the background of iClone scene. Users can change the alignment or tile the 2D background.

After installation, users can locate 2D Scene packs in Scene > 2D Background > Template > subfolder.

iClone 3D Scene

iClone 3D Scene contains correct unit scale, well defined cast shadow system, surrounded skybox and ground objects to support props and characters, It is well balanced between performance, texture size, and polygon number.

After installation, users can locate 3D Scene pack in Scene > 3D Scene > Template > subfolder.

iClone Material

iClone Material includes settings and textures of materials

-Multiple channel texture & settings (Diffuse, Opacity, Glow, Bump (Normal included), Specular, Reflection)
-Reflection and Refraction Effects;
-Diffuse, Ambient and Specular Colors;
-Opacity, Self-illumination and Specularity

You can easily load a material to alter or enhance the surface quality of a model.

Substance Materials (Supported by iClone 6.0 or above) 

Substance materials are procedurally generated assets, from technology developed by Allegorithmic. A ’substance’ is basically a set of maps, defining a whole material with all channels: Diffuse, Normal, Specular, Bump, etc.

Inside iClone, Substance material can save presets known as themes which can be further customized by manually adjusting individual settings. Substance texture channels can also be batch exported to image files in various resolutions. In addition, Substance attribute key-framing is available for run-time texture animations.

After installation, users can access Substance packs in Media > Template > Material > subfolder.

Tessellation (Supported by iClone 6.0 with DirectX 11 above) 

Real-time tessellation is a feature that is made available by DirectX 11 and above.

It utilizes the GPU to dynamically subdivide the faces of the low poly mesh.

With the use of displacement mapping, users are able to create 3D assets with protruding and recessing surfaces in exquisite detail. Furthermore, level of detail will automatically adjust the subdivision level according to the distance between the viewing camera and the mesh for better system performance.

iClone 3D Texture F/X (Supported by iClone 2.0 or above)

iClone 3D Texture F/X can be made by combining prop animation and texture UV animation utilizing specified texture channels. It can also be accomplished by altering UV mapping method, tile setting, change of material color, transparency, gloss, specular value, or utilize animated texture such as gif or video files. Water fall, flowing river, magic effects are some of the typical applications of Texture F/X.

After installation, users can access 3D Texture FX in Scene > Props > Template > Texture FX subfolders.

iClone 3D Particle F/X (Supported by iClone 2.0 or above)

iClone 3D Particle F/X is a blitz entity created with emitters. It can be positioned, rotated, started, stopped, or parented.

By altering the texture and particle parameters, such as density, force, speed, direction, and life cycle, users can generate sophisticated visual effects such as fire, smoke, blast, sparkle, magic, fountain, fireworks, etc. It can also be used to generate environmental atmosphere like rain, snow, and fog.

Particle emitters can be attached to any scene object, such as a character or animated prop, to generate dynamic particle trailing effects, eg. rockets bursting with flaming engine fire and smoke puffs from the exhausted pipe of a racing car.

After installation, users can locate 3D Particle F/X pack in SFX > Particle > Template > Subfolder.

3D Environment F/X (Supported by iClone 2.0 or above)

iClone 3D Environment F/X is an application of particle effect simulating larger scale environmental phenomenon such as fog, rain, lighting, snow, hurricane, sand storm, thunder storm, etc. Users can multiply those effects to generate complicated atmosphere, or use the life span parameter to control the display timing.

After installation, users can locate 3D Particle F/X pack in SFX >- Particle > Template > Subfolder.


Gives iClone Avatars personalities, so these avatars will display unique performing style such as fighter’s careful march or fierce attack, or female dancer’s graceful steps or elegant dancing motions.

Any iClone Avatar, from G1 to G3, can apply the persona and turn themselves into best actor or actress with peculiar characteristics and motions.

The actual content includes character behavior written in XML format and motion data.

Internet Required Content

Internet required content is a digital right managed content which is required to verify purchase record during installation. This type of content can not be installed without internet connection. If a digital right managed content is copied to another computer or used offline before verification, it will be regarded as trial content, which will not be allowed to edit or save, and water marks will be displayed in all outputs.

All Audio packs are comprised of MP3 and/or WAV file formats.
Audio packs are comprised of either Music Loops (of full length music) or Sound Effects. These packs are royalty free and can be used across all platforms, including other programs and production products that are not using Reallusion products.

After installation, users can locate Audio packs in the following location on their hard drive, C:/Program Files/ Reallusion/ Audio/ Music Loops (or Sound Effects)/ Specific Developer’s (or Artist’s) name subfolder.


PopVideo is a video format with transparent mask which can be imported and played in iClone and CrazyTalk Animator. It can be used as Texture, Prop, Image layer and/or background.

After installation, the user can locate popVideo files here: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Reallusion\Shared Templates\Video

Physics Toolbox

Each dummy enclosed in the Physics Toolbox has been coded with a unique and intuitive User Interface (UI), with separate basic and advanced control panels for L1 and L2 components. This powerful UI panel gives the user complete power over the behavior and performance of each element.

The tools available with the Physics Toolbox are simple and easy to organize and assemble thanks to the comprehensive UI. Each tile of the UI is capable of holding its own unique LUA script.

Physics Ready (Supported by iClone 6.0 or above) 

Physics Ready content uses the PhysX Engine from NVIDIA. Each content item has either rigid body or soft cloth settings, and will be influenced by gravity and interaction with other objects.Users no longer need to manually produce animations by setting keys or puppeteering. Physics Ready can save you time and help to make your animations look more natural.
Lua Script Content

This kind of content is driven by Lua Script. Lua script is a programming language that can control all iClone functions such as objects transformation or even lighting change and create custom UI and controls..
Export Ready Content

To export iContent (iClone 3D Content) and use them in other 3D software (e.g. Maya, Max, DAZ...), or 3D game engines (e.g. Unity, Unreal...) you need to first get the export license. You may get the 3DXchange5 Pipeline version to convert iContent into FBX, OBJ or BVH formats.
Puppet Controller

Avatar Toolkit is a 3D Avatar creator system that allows you to freely animate your imaginative creatures. It's designed with the intuitive control panel to puppeteer characters' facial expression and accessory animations.
Model Polygon Size
Polygon gives details, smooth surface, and better shading result. High polygon models trade off real-time performance with visual quality, and require higher end 3D graphic accelerators to keep basic rendering power for smooth animation.

>20,000 polygon for Avatar

or > 2,000 for props, accessories

or > 2000 for scenes

Reference: around 70,000 to 200,000 polygons for Poser and DAZ characters

10,000~20,000 polygon for iClone Native Character

or > 1,000~2000 for props, accessories

or 1000 ~ > 2000 for scenes

<10,000 polygon for Character

or < 1,000 for props, accessories

or < 1000 for scenes

Texture Resolution
Scene > 2048x2048 or 4096x4096
Character > 1024x1024
Scene> 1024x1024
Character > 512x512 
Props > 512x512

Scene < 512x512
Character <512x512
Props: <256x256

CrazyTalk Component

load CTS and CTM for direct playback, transitional effects, slide animation, talking head video, stamp effects