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Author: Alley
File size: 20.5MB
For iClone 4.2 or above
iContent List Price : $12.00

Pack Description

5 Hoodies and baggie pants, suitable for hip hop, urban or rappers. Hood-up accessory for each, and 4 pairs of shoes plus 4 heads included.

Required Upper Base
C247A Trey Hoodie Upper
C247A Trey Overcoat 02 Upper
Required Lower Base
C247A Trey Baggy Lower
Required Shoe Base
C247A Shoes Trey Sporty


Pack includes

5  (M - Hoodie@# M - Baggie@# M - Sporty Shoe)
  ‧Upper texture - 1 Diffuse
14Materials  (5 Upper@# 5 Lower@# 4 shoes)
10Accessories  (Hoods and hats)
4Heads  (Ethnic Heads)



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