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Author: Bigboss
File size: 73.5MB
For iClone 4.12 or above
iContent List Price : $29.95
Export Price(?) : $53.9

Pack Description

This is a triple layered Cloth with fully interchangeable Wholeset Uppers and Lowers.

The Pack includes a Skintight Men Classic Suit Cloth with Jacket, Shirt and Pants and 6 fully textured Avatars by Alley. The Jacket is presented as a Wholeset Upper and the Shirt and Pants are presented as a Wholeset Lower thereby turning the Upper opacity button to zero reveals the shirt and pants inside layer. Also included are matching shoes, textured socks and a watch accessory.


Pack includes

1Accessory  (Rolex Watch)
7Characters  (1 Men Suit Skintight Cloth & 6 Fully Textured Avatars by Alley.)



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