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G3 Character - PreSchoolers
Author: Bigboss
File size: 145MB
For iClone 4.12 or above
iContent List Price : $35.99
Export Price(?) : $64.8

Pack Description

The Pack contains a multi layer Boy and Girl Cloth with 10 interchangeable Whole Set Uppers fully textured by Alley including 3 School Caps and 5 Hats accessories, 5 pairs of runners, 3 pairs of Flip Flops and 6 pairs of Sandals. The characters also come with a Preschooler AML persona featuring 8 exclusive motions.


Pack includes

8Accessories  (3 School Caps & 5 Hats)
8Motions  (Argue@# CallDog@# JumpOver@# KickCan@# KickUpHeels@# RunInCircles@# Snoop@# StepOnDooDoo)
14Pairs of Shoes  (3 FlipFlops@# 5 Runners@# 6 Sandals)
10Characters  (5 Boys & 5 Girls)
1Persona  (PreeSchooler)
10Upper Bodies  (Rolled & Short Sleeves combined with Long Pants@# Bermudas@# Shorts@# and Gym Shorts)



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